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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
November 3, 2015

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: November 3, 2015. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

Alteryx Inc., which specializes in blending and advanced analytics, is receiving $85 million from an investment round led by firms Iconiq Capital and Insight Venture Partners, along with Meritech Capital Partners. "Tools like Alteryx are really democratizing the way people work particularly when it comes to doing predicative statistical capabilities and be able to complement that with the data prep blending that is naturally happening in Alteryx today," said George Mathew, president and COO of Alteryx. "This generational shift is something that we are most excited by."

Dell is releasing a free version of its Statistica advanced analytics software to all U.S. college students and professors, helping to boost interest in and preparedness for data analytics careers. "Today's organizations, including institutions of higher education, depend on advanced technologies in security, data analytics and mobility to stay ahead of student and faculty needs," said Jon Phillips, managing director of worldwide education strategy at Dell.

MongoDB is releasing an enhanced version of its platform, giving the company the opportunity to expand its capabilities to more users. "We're opening up MongoDB to a bigger audience in the enterprise, which is to say that traditionally the people that have used MongoDB were developers building modern applications and, with this release, we are building specific tools and capabilities targeted at data scientists, business analysts, and the C suite in terms of integration to business intelligence and visualization tools," said Kelly Stirman, vice president of strategy and product marketing at MongoDB. "We're also expanding MongoDB to DBAs and operations teams with specialized interfaces that make it easier to run MongoDB at any scale."

Pivotal is releasing an update to its cloud platform that will expand support for Spring Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, .NET applications, Docker images, and application lifecycle management.