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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
February 22, 2023

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Though not completely post-Covid, 2023 looks to be an uncertain economic year due to a variety of factors. Businesses continue to deal with a new hybrid reality as employees work remotely or several days in the office, leading to increased security, tapping into the cloud, AI, and more. Some companies lost portions of their workforce or recruited new talent during this upheaval; others are searching for compatible workers.

Entrinsik announced Informer 5.7 is coming soon, debuting an updated user interface that delivers a more intuitive experience through improved navigation and greater efficiency. The new user interface simplifies Informer, adding intuitive ways to navigate, design, and utilize the tool from the home screen. The entire workflow has been redesigned to feel natural and provide a consistent experience, increasing the ease and effectiveness of accessing, analyzing, sharing, and automating data.

Rocket Software announced it will launch the first of its new MultiValue (MV) eLearning modules. Available in late February, the first module is an MV Foundation path that covers eight topics: querying files and records; editing records and fields; creating files; describing files, records, and fields with a dictionary; creating interactive (I-type) fields; manipulating selections of data with select lists; writing a simple program with prompts and conditional logic in a paragraph; and increasing performance with hashed files and indexes.

Think About It

In 2023, companies will live and die by their data strategies. Massive increases in information generation, the cloud, and innovative technologies will be top of mind for database managers, all while an uncertain economy continually threatens budgets. For companies to build and maintain exciting applications that customers love while increasing the bottom line, they need to plan, adapt, and execute effective strategies for their data and databases.