2023: MultiValue Looks Toward the Future

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Though not completely post-Covid, 2023 looks to be an uncertain economic year due to a variety of factors. Businesses continue to deal with a new hybrid reality as employees work remotely or several days in the office, leading to increased security, tapping into the cloud, AI, and more. Some companies lost portions of their workforce or recruited new talent during this upheaval; others are searching for compatible workers.

As 2023 commences, DBTA presents the annual MultiValue Special Report and asks MV executives to address several questions: How is your MV platform holding up during this time? How is the MV space adapting to the ongoing changes? What are your plans to weather an uncertain economic landscape? What are on customers’ wish lists for their MV solutions? What are you doing to attract new talent? How will working in a hybrid environment change the cloud, AI, security, and privacy landscape?

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