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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
March 2011

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Data continues growing rapidly, flowing into enterprises from traditional sources as well as new pipelines fueled by web and social media. Often presented in a range of formats and structures, this data onslaught phenomenon has come to be known as "big data." Companies, educational institutions, and government agencies are striving to meet the management challenge of this data deluge as well as mine this wealth of information for business advantage. In this special section, DBTA asks key vendors to explain their strategies for enabling customers to better handle ever-increasing data stores.

BlueFinity's mv.NET is a tool kit that allows developers to use industry-standard technology to enhance existing MultiValue applications by integrating with Microsoft .NET technologies, explains Bob Markowitz, sales executive at BlueFinity International. While giving MultiValue developers the use of industry-standard technology to present existing MultiValue applications as modern solutions, it also separates the MultiValue knowledge requirement from the Microsoft technology requirement. "In order for the MultiValue platform to thrive, we must allow the major software developer communities around the world to be able to access and utilize the platform in ways which they find familiar and comfortable," Markowitz says.

Rocket Software has released the U2 Web Development Environment (U2 WebDE). It is limited to use with the personal editions of UniData and UniVerse, but will allow customers and consultants the opportunity to try out this product free of charge, notes Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, U2 Brand, Rocket Software.

Wynne Systems, Inc., an international provider of enterprise software for the equipment and rental industries, has announced a partnership with Entrinsik, Inc. to integrate Entrinsik's Informer web-based reporting software into its Wynne Systems product suite.

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Collective Intelligence Outsmarts Artificial Intelligence