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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
May 2010

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Entrinsik, a provider of web-based operational reporting and analysis solutions, recently announced that its first-ever Informer User Conference will be held in Wrightsville Beach, NC, October 11-12.

jBASE 5 is now available. jBASE 5 runs natively on 64-bit operating systems which eliminates 32-bit limitations on addressing or file sizes. It includes many new features such as warm start recovery, resilient files, auto-resizing files, online backup, known-state computing and more and allows jBASE to operate nonstop as a technology platform.

Kore Technologies, a provider of enterprise integration and e-commerce web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases, is now a resale partner for Rocket Software's CorVu business intelligence (BI) and analytics products.

The Rocket U2 team has announced a call for beta participants for its new product, U2 DataVu. Based on Rocket Shuttle, U2 DataVu will provide U2 developers with powerful and flexible ad hoc query, reporting and dashboard capabilities. With native access to UniData and UniVerse U2, developers can use U2 DataVu's graphical drag and drop capabilities to build visual reports and dashboards with zero programming.

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