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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
May 22, 2019

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

BlueFinity is introducing new updates to Evoke Rapid App Development, boosting the platform with a greater level of Support. The Evoke Premium Support Package will provide Evoke clients with a comprehensive range of assistance sessions which are designed to take the new Evoke user from the initial installation of the Evoke Developer through to the successful deployment of their first live app.

Entrinsik, developer of Informer 5, has recently been selected by TrustRadius for the Education Software Honor Roll which recognizes the top 10 most reviewed software products by education industry professionals. Because of Informer's ease of use, coupled with its ability to pull in data from many different data sources while providing centralized data governance that addresses security concerns, schools consider Informer to be an ideal self-service analysis and reporting tool.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Northeastern Supply is one of the largest independent wholesalers in the Mid-Atlantic region specializing in plumbing, HVAC, hardware, and water systems. Using Zumasys' conversion tools for UniVerse, the company migrated to jBASE running on a virtual Linux server running on a state of the art, 4-node hyperconverged infrastructure stack.

Think About It

Enterprise agility isn't a single initiative but rather a collection of activities and technologies that lead toward that goal. This includes adoption of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to increase the flexibility of systems, applications, and data by releasing them from underlying hardware. In addition, practices such as DevOps are helping to increase the level of collaboration possible for fast-moving enterprises.