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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
May 22, 2024

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

RDM Infinity is releasing the latest version of its innovative solution, rdmBUILD v2.2, designed to revolutionize MultiValue investments. rdmBUILD v2.2 is packed with features to enhance performance, streamline communication, and empower systems like never before, according to the company.

BlueFinity recently looked at a LinkedIn poll that asked, "What do businesses want when designing new MV apps?"—revealing key insights that will shape the future of MV app development. There is, however, a contradiction in the public discourse of what the results of the poll suggested and what is being discussed in public and private forums focusing on MV.

Rocket Software announced the promotion of Emma Breslin, who will take the reins of Product Manager in Rocket's Application Modernization business unit. Breslin will be overseeing Rocket MultiValue data servers and tools, including Rocket UniVerse and UniData. "Joining Rocket's Application Modernization business unit as the Product Manager for Rocket MultiValue data servers and tools has been an exhilarating transition for me," said Breslin. "I've been part of the tech support team since 2004 and have seen Rocket UniVerse and UniData evolve from their IBM days to now. It's incredibly fulfilling to move from a reactive support role to a proactive stance in product management."

Think About It

A first and important step in being successful at almost any job or task is understanding oneself. This is true for engineers, modelers, or even architects. Do you know how to perform your tasks? Are you faster or slower than others doing the same tasks? Do you have more or less errors in your output than others? It seems that a rising number of people are so uncomfortable with competing that they may even avoid asking these kinds of questions of themselves; but this is not about competition, it is about understanding oneself, it is about being responsible, it is about holding oneself accountable.