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Five Minute Briefing - SAP
January 24, 2024

Published in conjunction with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group), this monthly publication contains news, market research, insight for the SAP user community, as well as ISUG-TECH news and information.

News Flashes

Knoa Software announced it is SAP Signavio's new Solution Extension (SOLEX) partner, further solidifying SAP's dedication to meeting the dynamic demands of the market. SAP User Experience Management by Knoa is a solution that, in combination with SAP Signavio solutions, provides end-to-end visibility into process execution.

McKinsey and SAP are partnering on a new generative AI collaboration that expands on its long-standing strategic alliance. The new offering, the Generative Enterprise, aims to unlock synergies between SAP Business AI and QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey to help leaders bring the Generative Enterprise to life and build sustainable, resilient, and adaptive businesses, according to the companies.

SAP is enhancing the partner experience, offering curated SAP Learning Journeys, exclusive access to events and subject matter experts, plus the opportunity to earn valuable credentials. The partner experience on SAP Learning can provide hands-on interaction designed to help build skills using practical scenarios. Additionally, the newly launched platform can give SAP partner learners access to the right resources for a significantly reduced price per user per year—including certifications. 

SAP is offering new AI-driven capabilities to help retailers optimize business processes and drive profitability and customer loyalty. These innovative capabilities, from planning to personalization, will provide retailers with holistic customer insights and data analysis to adapt and thrive amid rapid market changes, according to SAP.

Think About It

Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, especially for enterprise applications running the SAP platform. Why put a spotlight on SAP platforms? Because SAP platforms are used by 99 of the Fortune 100 companies and have more than 280 million cloud subscribers worldwide. Many companies run SAP ERP, SAP SRM, and SAP HCM environments while simultaneously moving SAP implementations to the cloud. Due to the massive scaling of SAP systems, organizations are losing track of their vulnerability as hyperscalers, SaaS models, on-prem, and cloud-based systems continue to expand the attack surface.