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Five Minute Briefing - SAP
March 22, 2023

Published in conjunction with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group), this monthly publication contains news, market research, insight for the SAP user community, as well as ISUG-TECH news and information.

News Flashes

DataRobot is releasing DataRobot AI Platform 9.0, featuring deeper partner integrations, AI Accelerators, and redesigned service offerings, all centered on helping organizations derive value from their AI investments. The DataRobot AI Platform allows customers to leverage Value-Driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach that improves how organizations run, grow and optimize their business, according to the vendor.

SAP is offering new key data innovations and partnerships that give customers access to mission-critical data, enabling faster time to insights and better business decision-making. SAP announced the SAP Datasphere solution, the next generation of its data management portfolio, which gives customers easy access to business-ready data across the data landscape.

SAP security provider SecurityBridge is adding the Management Dashboard for SAP security to the SecurityBridge Platform, combining all SAP data aspects and presents the information through a customizable, single pane of glass security dashboard view. With the Dashboard, organizations can now benefit from analyzing live monitoring, static configuration validation, patching, interface traffic statistics, and code security information in one place.

Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, is releasing Zebra Picking Plus, an Application Programming Interface (API) for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), designed to help organizations run their warehouse operations more efficiently.

Think About It

Organizations rely heavily on SAP systems and applications to run crucial business processes; securing these systems against cyber-attacks is vital. While several cybersecurity frameworks exist to manage cyber risks, they use generic wording that is hard to apply to application security and lack specific guidance to cover SAP environments. As a result, organizations must select the right frameworks to enhance their security posture and streamline complex security operations to safeguard critical assets from attacks.