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Five Minute Briefing - SAP
March 23, 2011

Published in conjunction with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group), this monthly publication contains news, market research, insight for the SAP user community, as well as ISUG-TECH news and information.

News Flashes

Queplix Corp., a provider of data virtualization solutions, has announced two new product families to bring the benefits of data virtualization to ETL (extract, transform and load). According to Queplix, the VirtualETL and CloudETL families simplify the ETL process, enabling users to configure Queplix's Application Software Blades, providing easy connections to target applications and reducing the time required to integrate applications.

Embarcadero is now equipping Sybase ASE developers and DBAs with a toolset to simplify their development, database administration and performance tuning tasks. The new DB PowerStudio for Sybase ASE combines several of Embarcadero's most popular database tools into an aggressively priced suite. The toolset helps Sybase ASE professionals boost productivity by eliminating time-consuming development and administration tasks, while also improving the performance and availability of their databases. "Any Sybase ASE professional will tell you that, with the right tools at their fingertips, they can do their jobs with increased efficiency and accuracy and help IT exceed their service levels," says Scott Walz, senior director of product management for Embarcadero.

SAP AG and IBM have announced the first official performance results of SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA), finding that the software easily handles 10,000 queries per hour against 1.3 terabytes of data, returning results within seconds. According to the companies, the test scenarios were directly based on the query workload requirements typical in SAP customers' enterprise resource planning (ERP) reporting requirements. They accessed the data found in the sales delivery database tables for the SAP ERP application. The test was part of a joint project between the two companies to deliver real-time analytics by optimizing software and hardware, based on SAP In-Memory Computing technology and IBM's industry-leading 3850 series servers.

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced that its hosted analytics solution, Sybase Operator Analytics 365, an advanced reporting, monitoring and mobile data analytics service, has been deployed to more than 50 operators worldwide and it anticipates working with more than 90 operators by the end of April 2011. Sybase Operator Analytics 365 is backed by Sybase's column-based analytics server, Sybase IQ, enabling extreme performance with the ability to return results on billions of records in just seconds to enable operators to quickly make mission-critical decisions.

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