April 2014

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Trends and Applications

Backing Up the Data-Driven Enterprise

Cloud database technology may be ready for the enterprise, but enterprises are not quite ready for cloud databases. Even leading cloud database proponents agree that cloud databases are a relatively new—and untested phenomenon.

How to Become a Data-Centric Company

Columns - Big Data Notes

About 3 years ago, the AMP (Algorithms, Machines, People) lab was established at U.C. Berkeley to attack the emerging challenges of advanced analytics and machine learning on big data. The resulting Berkeley Data Analytics Stack—particularly the Spark processing engine—has shown rapid uptake and tremendous promise.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Denormalization of a database design is a legitimate tool, when used appropriately. However, it is simply sad and sometimes even silly to see designs denormalized as a matter of course.

Columns - DBA Corner

Driving a wide range of applications, from operational applications such as fraud detection to strategic analysis such as customer segmentation, advanced analytics goes deeper than traditional business intelligence activities into the "why" of the situation, and delivers likely outcomes.

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

Using the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant features sets up the 12c environment in a way that provides some additional flexibility and supports a move to a pluggable databases setting. If database instances are created as CDB with a single PDB, and the requirement comes to consolidate several of these instances together, the move to a Multitenant environment is a whole lot easier.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

Big Data and Microsoft SQL Server HDInsight

MV Community

Revelation Software president and CEO Mike Ruane previewed the 10.0 release of the company's flagship product OpenInsight during a recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. In particular there was strong reaction to a new cloud based filing system that will allow the OpenInsight toolset to operate on data stored in cloud databases, as well as to new user authentication and security for developers and programmers to ensure version control, said Ruane.

Rocket Software has launched a new version of the Rocket D3 database management system - D3 Linux 9.2. This is the first new Rocket D3 product release since the company acquired the TigerLogic MultiValue database business last November. Separately, Rocket also unveiled the first stage of its System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) Services, providing mobile and/or web enablement.

Hampshire College selected Entrinsik's Informer, a web-based reporting solution. According to the college, a major factor in its success was Informer's ability to connect to multiple databases simultaneously, including UniData and MySQL.

Kore Technologies' Mark Dobransky plans to talk about key BI and integration trends impacting the MultiValue industry and also highlight the new integration capabilities of Kourier Integrator 4.1 during a breakout session at the International Spectrum conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Specialist Crafts, which supplies art and craft products to a broad range of educational establishments throughout the U.K. and beyond, has selected Rocket Software's CorVu as to replace its previous business intelligence tool.