August 2018

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Trends and Applications

Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing for 2018

This may seem contradictory at first glance: Fresh data from the database user community finds that data lakes continue to increase within the enterprise space as big data flows get even bigger. Yet, at the same time, enterprises appear to have pulled back on Hadoop implementations.

This year is an expansive one for the database ecosystems that have evolved around the major platforms. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing are now mainstream offerings seen within the constellations of database vendors, partners, and integrators.

Costly data breaches are on the rise—2017 was a record-setting year in terms of cybersecurity incidents, with more than 14.5 billion malware-infected emails sent and 1.9 billion data records stolen in the first 6 months of the year.

Columns - Database Elaborations

In the big data world of today, issues abound. People discuss structured data versus unstructured data; graph versus JSON versus columnar data stores; even batch processing versus streaming. Differences between each of these kinds of things are important. How they are used can help direct how best to store content for use. Therefore, deep understanding of usage is critical in determining the flavor of data persistence employed.

Columns - DBA Corner

We are living in the age of polyglot persistence, which really just means that it makes sense to store data using the technology that best matches the way the data will be used by applications. The age of trying to force everything into a relational DBMS is over, and we now have NoSQL, NewSQL, in-memory, and Hadoop-based offerings that are being used to store data. But you really should also be looking at the algorithmic approach offered by Ancelus Database.

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

In my previous IOUG Observations column, I wrote about the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) and its value when performing security reviews. However, we should also be cognizant of DBSAT's cousin utility, ORAchk, which is used to perform more general health checks against a variety of components in the Oracle technology stack. Similar to DBSAT, ORAchk is available from Oracle's support site with no additional licensing requirements.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

Microsoft is on the march with multiple upgrades and improvements across the span of its cloud data products. Here are a few of the more prominent highlights.

Columns - Next-Gen Data Management

Shark attacks and ice cream sales follow the very same trajectory when charted. When ice cream sales go up, so do shark attacks. When ice cream sales decrease, shark attacks decrease. With a correlation coefficient of very close to 1, we can deduce that sharks like to attack after we've recently had ice cream!

Columns - Emerging Technologies

We all know that self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles are coming. Prototypes of self-driving vehicles can be seen around Silicon Valley, and self-driving features are commercially available in Teslas and other brands. However, there are significant "smart car" features on the way that will affect both human- and self-driven vehicles.

MV Community

Entrinsik, developer of Informer, is partnering with Full Sail Partners, Ltd, allowing the company to sell, integrate, and host Informer 5. The Informer 5 business intelligence software platform will be available to Full Sail Partner clients via the Deltek Vision to Informer integration offering from Blackbox Connector.

ONgroup is making two free-to-use software products that are extensions for Visual Studio Code available to MultiValue developers. The MV# Developer extension provides MultiValue developers with a VS-like IDE.

Pick Cloud, Inc. and 3phi Solutions Inc. are forming a strategic partnership to sell phiReport Cloud edition exclusively in North America. phiReport is a suite of reporting tools based on the PICK/MultiValue DBMS. The application is built using AccuTerm GUI, allowing any Windows user with a current AccuTerm terminal emulator to define and generate attractive Excel worksheets from a graphical user interface.