August 2023

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Trends and Applications

For more and more organizations, real time is not only the right time—it's the only time that matters. No longer can decision makers afford to only understand the material events affecting their businesses a month, a day, or even just a few hours after the fact. They need a sense of what is happening in the moment to be able to predict and adjust for events that are arising. The value of real-time data "is that it provides needed information to accelerate business insights so teams can make better informed decisions and avoid the issues around using older data," said Tarun Chopra, vice president of product management for data and AI at IBM.

Existing data infrastructures are crumbling under the weight of data, leading to unsustainable energy consumption, increased management complexity, and declining security. That's the word from a recent survey of 1,288 executives, released by Hitachi Vantara. The survey also finds 76% feel their current data infrastructures "will be unable to scale to meet upcoming demands"—such as AI. Another 61% report they are simply "overwhelmed" by the amount of data they manage. By 2025, the report's authors predict, large organizations will be storing more than 65 petabytes (PB) of data.

Columns - Database Elaborations

When Apple first released the iPhone, the company did something that was a bit wild, a bit innovative, especially for a new piece of technology. The iPhone did not come with a 500-page instruction manual explaining how everything worked. There was very little documentation for users. Apple worked hard designing the interface to allow users to apply their own intuitions and navigate around. While some grumbled, it was successful enough, and people adapted.

Columns - DBA Corner

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate and has fundamentally changed the role of database administrators (DBAs). Traditionally, DBAs have been responsible for the installation, maintenance, and management of on-prem databases. However, in the age of cloud computing, DBAs are required to adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

At BLUEPRINT 4D 2023, in Dallas, Oracle's Alexandre Lima shared how Oracle's product, GoldenGate, can help manage data integration, availability, and migrations across multiple platforms. After acquiring the application, Oracle invested heavily in improving GoldenGate. This has made the GoldenGate family of products reliable, consistent, secure, and fast-moving.

Columns - Next-Gen Data Management

Data is the cornerstone of the modern digital business. IT teams, database professionals, and business leaders use data to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of business objectives. Applications also need data to run efficiently to ensure teams don't encounter any bottlenecks.

Columns - Emerging Technologies

In the 1992 movie Sneakers, hackers discover a device that can break the encryption of virtually any computer system. At the time of release, the idea seemed far-fetched. But today, because of quantum computers, we may soon have a similar device. Quantum theory is now approaching its 100th anniversary, with the central tenants of the theory having been well-established by the mid-1920s. Together with general relativity, quantum theory is one of the foundational theories of modern science. Our modern world would not be possible without quantum theory: It's central to the design of semiconductors, lasers, MRIs, and even LEDs.

MV Community

Rocket Software is releasing Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (MVVS) v2.1.0, including a preview of the highly anticipated feature—Online Editing. In the latest MVVS v2.1.0 extension, the Online Editing feature takes center stage, enabling users to effortlessly view and edit program files either locally or remotely on a Rocket UniVerse or Rocket UniData server, according to the company.