December 2008

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Trends and Applications

The old maxim, "may you live in interesting times" certainly holds true for IT managers and professionals these days. The year 2008 was full of changes and challenges, and 2009 promises even more.

Columns - Applications Insight

MOORE'S law—first expressed by Intel cofounder Gordon Moore in 1965—predicts that computing power will increase exponentially, doubling roughly every 18 months. Moore's law has proved remarkably accurate and we have all benefited from the rapid growth in CPU and computer memory available for our desktop computers.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Tight budgets and limited talent pools do not make a winning combination for staffing a database management group. Despite the importance of saving money, problems can arise when the lines blur regarding what gets wasted versus what gets saved.

Columns - DBA Corner

As per my regular custom, this final column of the year will take a look back at the most significant data and database-related events of the year.

Columns - The Enterprise Environment

Even the best economists can't agree on what the business landscape will look like in the year ahead, but IT industry leaders agree that enterprises are likely to be more cautious than ever in how they spend their IT dollars (or euros, pounds, or rupees). Most also agree that any downturn that may be looming won't be a repeat of 2001, when IT departments were ravaged.

Columns - Oracle Data Strategies

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

Implementing PBM in your environment will probably require more than just a few superficial changes.

MV Community

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has announced the general availability of the latest version of mv.NET Version 4, its toolset designed for creating Microsoft .NET-based applications requiring access to MultiValue databases.

EnRoute Emergency Systems and Entrinsik, developer of Informer software, recently presented Informer Web-based reporting to EnRoute users at the 2008 Enroute Emergency Systems Customer Conference in Tampa, Fla.