July 2013

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Trends and Applications

The Oracle database provides intriguing possibilities for the storing, manipulating and streaming of multimedia data in enterprise class environments. However, knowledge of why and how the Oracle database can be used for multimedia applications is essential if one is to justify and maximize the ROI.

SAP AG and Esri, a geographic information system (GIS) and location analytics provider, are joining forces to more deeply integrate GIS solutions with platforms and enterprise applications from SAP in order to improve business efficiency and decision-making. The ability to combine the added dimension of location information with enterprise data, in real time is aimed at giving businesses greater immediacy in their decision-making capabilities. "We are partnering with the leading GIS vendor in the marketplace, Esri, to provide much deeper integration. We see GIS-related information becoming more important in the future," David Jonker, senior director, Big Data Product Marketing, Technology & Innovation Platform, SAP Labs, tells DBTA.

21st Century Data Organization - Business Function Comes First

Oracle Database 12c is available for download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). First announced by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison during his keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Oracle Database 12c introduces a new multi-tenant architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud; enabling customers to manage many databases as one - without changing their applications. During the OpenWorld keynote, Ellison described Oracle Database 12c as "the first multi-tenant database in the world" and said it provides "a fundamentally new architecture" to "introduce the notion of a container database" with the ability to plug in multiple separate, private databases into that single container.

The Revival of Direct Attached Storage for Oracle Databases

Columns - Applications Insight

Like many of my generation, my early visions of the future were influenced by films like "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the original "Star Trek" TV series. In each of these, humans interact with computers using conversational English, posing complex questions and getting intelligent relevant responses. So, you can imagine how primed someone like me is to hear that Google has been explicitly trying to create that Star Trek computer. At the Google IO conference in San Francisco in May, Amit Singhal, Google senior vice president, spoke of his early childhood experiences watching "Star Trek," and his dreams of one day building that computer.

Columns - Database Elaborations

One of the principles within relational theory is that each entity's row or tuple be uniquely identifiable. This means the defined structure includes some combination of attributes whose populated values serve to identify an individual row within the table/relation. This, or these, attribute(s) are the candidate key(s) for the structure. The candidate key is also known as the primary key, or if a structure has multiple candidate keys, then one of them is designated as the primary key. When building up a logical design, primary keys should be identified by the actual data points in play.

Columns - DBA Corner

Perhaps the most common question I am asked by readers is "How can I become a DBA?" The question is actually not as simple as it seems and there are many different aspects to the answer. Sometimes it is an application programmer who wants to become a DBA. Sometimes a DBA for one DBMS wants to support a different DBMS; for example, a SQL Server DBA wants to move to become an Oracle DBA. And other times someone with no IT background at all asks the question. The answer is different for all of these folks.

MV Community

Temenos, a provider of software to the financial services industry, has announced that Cairo Amman Bank, a full service bank with 106 branches in Jordan and Palestine, has gone live with T24, Temenos' core banking system based on jBASE technology. The deployment of T24 replaced the bank's legacy core banking system and consolidates multiple banking modules, helping the company achieve improvements in operational efficiency including automation of real time gross settlement payments and laying the infrastructure to support sustained growth in income and profitability.

Kore Technologies, a provider of enterprise integration and e-commerce web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases has announced the availability of Kourier Integrator - Release 4. According to Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development at Kore, "increased connectivity" is the theme for this new release, which includes enhancements for connecting with more data sources.

Revelation Software has announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 9.4, including a new release of OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.5) and enhancements to the OEngineServer that reduce memory usage.

Rocket Software has announced the availability of System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) which allows users to rapidly build robust business solutions. By applying SB/XA Designer default styles, users indicate mandatory fields and where intuitive help is available. In addition, Outlook-style menus can be included to create an environment that feels familiar to users. Data can be reported out to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or XML formats, giving users access to their data in their preferred business application.