July 2014

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The business relevancy of data is the number-one most misunderstood data problem that organizations face, as well as one of the most expensive. Understanding what it means to embrace the concept of business-relevant data is the first step toward a business-ready transformation. But how do organizations get there?

The consumerization of IT, coupled with online services like social media, creates a need for flexibility and performance improvements within current data centers without the associated costs. And, as the cost of flash declines, data center managers are seeing flash as an attractive alternative to traditional hard-disk methods. By some estimates, flash memory prices have fallen at an average of 35% per year over the last few years.

IBM DB2 V10.1 introduced Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) as a new feature for securing data within a DB2 table. In Row and Column Access Control, permissions are defined on a table to restrict rows that are exposed. Rows being exposed means that they are available to be returned in the result set, or can be inserted, or can be updated or deleted, with the limitation of the authorities the user has on the table.

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Competitive differentiation in the mobile space depends only peripherally on the hardware - all modern smartphones have similar processing, display and networking capabilities. And, while some are notably superior in terms of a niche capability - cameras, for instance - it's the software, rather than the hardware, that separates the platforms.

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Commitment to the creation of a business intelligence environment means embracing a well-measured and thoughtful allocation of resources with the right skills, the right tools, the right scope, and the right timelines

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Lists help us to remember, impose order upon tasks, and provide guidance. Some lists have taken on great importance in the world and in our lives. The Bill of Rights is such a list. So is the Ten Commandments. But although we use lists to administer, program, and maintain our databases, there really is no overarching list of "things you should (or should not) do" to ensure an effective, accurate, well-designed database. So here is the list of Ten Database Commandments.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

As the manager for enterprise architecture in a very large IT organization, the C-suite executives frequently posed the question, "What database platform is best for this application today and for the future?" There are now some very powerful tools available to you to assess and track the viability of the various database platforms you might be considering.

MV Community

Entrinsik Informer, a web-based reporting business intelligence solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources without requiring an ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) process, has received top rankings on Trust Radius, according to the company.

Plans are underway for Revelation Software's 2015 conference which will showcase new features available in the next major release of its flagship product, OpenInsight 10.0.

Rocket Software has introduced Rocket CorVu NG 3.0, a BI and analytics solution for Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData. A highlight of the new release is the CorVu U2 Native Interface that allows the rapid assembly of queries through an intuitive U2-centric UI. The native access to U2 dictionary items enables developers to browse and select from existing field definitions, leverage existing processes and expressions defined in field definitions, and consume existing System Builder or Smart Queries inside CorVu.