July 2022

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Trends and Applications

Ask a data engineer why they got into the field, and they'll likely share how they looked forward to bringing concepts to life or solving complex challenges; or they wanted to share their expertise in a collaborative, agile environment; or they simply wanted to provide better visibility into the way products work for end users—and how it could be improved.

The pandemic has expedited businesses' need to digitally transform. Surging digital demands paired with talent shortages while using legacy technologies have made it nearly impossible for businesses to keep pace with change, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition. To meet these challenges, organizations need technologies that make it easier to build applications and streamline workflows. The answer? Low code development.

What's the hardest part of managing a merger, acquisition, or divestiture? The answer may seem to be getting lawyers and regulators to sign off on the deal or handling the business restructuring that follows. But here's another hairy M&A and divestiture challenge which executives too often underestimate: migrating massive amounts data, most of it unstructured, between entities.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Data modeling has always been a task that seems positioned in the middle of a white-water rapids with a paddle but no canoe. On one side of the data modeling rapids are the raging agilists who are demanding working software and decrying virtually all documentation. To this agilists' group, data modeling is often seen as too simple to matter. But at the same time, their implementations will miss standardization in naming or data model patterns. And results may be so far off course that major rework is unavoidable. Sadly, far too many agile practices have been set up to place things under the technical debt umbrella, when in reality those practices never allow the re-factoring closet door to be opened. Poor data models are "overcome" by creating ever more complex logic around the data in order to get to a more proper result, as developers learn what really needs to be accomplished along the way, maybe. The results may work but can be a nightmare to maintain.

Columns - DBA Corner

Optimizing the performance of operational databases and the applications that access them is a constant battle for DBAs. Of course, writing efficient SQL is the most important aspect of ensuring optimal database performance but no amount of SQL-tweaking or system-tuning can optimize the performance of queries run against a poorly designed or disorganized database. Therefore, time must be spent on tuning and optimizing the design, parameters, and physical construction of database objects, specifically tables and indexes, and the files in which their data is stored. The actual composition and structure of database objects must be monitored continually and changed accordingly if the database becomes inefficient.

MV Community

To help bring new resources and innovation to light, each year, Database Trends and Applications magazine presents the DBTA 100, a list of forward-thinking companies seeking to expand what's possible with data for their customers. Several top MultiValue companies land on the list again this year, including Kore Technologies, Revelation Software, and Rocket Software.

Revelation's flagship platform, OpenInsight, is being upgraded to help ease the transition for users who may still be using older versions of the product. "We're pushing to get this out because the older versions of the product, the 9.X versions, are 10 or 15 years old now and has an end-of-life of March 30, 2023," said Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software. "We're trying to squeeze as many user requests in this release as possible to make the transition seamless as possible."

A HealthCheck from Rocket MultiValue (MV) Professional Services can provide critical information clients need to get the most from their Rocket MV (Rocket UniVerse, Rocket UniData, Rocket D3) products. Expert consultants know how to isolate and remediate issues to get optimal system performance and help put an effective plan in place for optimization or growth.