June 2014

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Trends and Applications

Enterprise data growth is coming from unstructured, social media, and machine-generated data. The resulting storage issues are impacting the performance of associated applications and systems. How and where is this data going to be stored—and how can it be made available, on demand, to users and applications that need information right away?

Today, many businesses are looking for ways to rationalize their mainframe capacity in order to contain MIPS growth as well as defer costly upgrades. Unfortunately, some of these stopgap measures involve costly trade-offs, such as keeping only the most recent or even archiving critical data to tape. This can mean that valuable information goes untapped.

This is perhaps the most exciting era the database industry has ever seen. As they face a hypercompetitive global economy, enterprises are reinventing and disrupting themselves at an unprecedented pace—and are embracing data to do so.

Columns - Big Data Notes

Big data analytics is a complex field, but if you understand the basic concepts—such as the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning—you are sure to be ahead of the person who wants to talk data science at your next cocktail party!

Columns - Database Elaborations

How does one tame the data beast to start making tangible progress toward an organization's business intelligence goals? For any progress to occur on the business intelligence-side, tasks, projects and goals need to be fashioned into small steps along a much larger path.

Columns - DBA Corner

Good data quality starts with metadata. Accurate data definitions are required in order to apply the controls for compliance to the correct data. Without proper metadata definitions, it is impossible to apply regulatory compliance to data.

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

With the vast amounts of data that organizations deal with, finding the right BI tools can be an arduous task. There are numerous solutions that can provide self-service BI, however, organizations are finding that one tool does not usually meet the needs of their various types of users. Therefore, finding the right BI platform that can support suites of tools is becoming the norm.

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

Other News in SQL Server 2014 RTM

MV Community

David Cooper, CTO at BlueFinity and lead developer of Evoke, explained the market requirements that are emerging and the features Evoke offers.

AAAA World, a distributor and retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances, is now using Entrinsik Informer which enables users to generate and customize their own reports without IT support.

Kore Technologies will be presenting at a number of higher education technology conferences this year. The solutions to problems that higher ed tech professionals are seeking are ones that Kore has solved in other industries, said Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies' vice president of marketing and business development. "Yes, the software applications are different but nonetheless it's the same root issue."

Pick Cloud and Ladybridge Systems are presenting a series of web events to showcase the new features of OpenQM including exception handling and data collections.