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May 2023

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Trends and Applications

The global hype surrounding ChatGPT, large language models (LLMs), and generative AI has launched a plethora of conversations about its efficacy in the business sphere; yet understanding how to best leverage these tools remains rather elusive. At Data Summit 2023, David Seuss led the session, "Investigating Neural Networks and AI," focusing on what ChatGPT, LLMs, and generative AI are, as well as how they can provide a competitive edge for a wide variety of organizations seeking to drive positive business outcomes.

MLOps can streamline machine learning development, thus increasing operational effectiveness. With this in mind, Joey Jablonski, VP, analytics, Pythian, looked at the journey to defining and implementing an MLOps solution for the organization during his Data Summit 2023 presentation, "Building MLOps Organizations for Scale."

Data science methods provide a means to establish analytic tradecraft, capable of managing a large amount of data, allowing for full characterization of actor behaviors, and providing valuable insights. Efrain Rodriquez, data manager, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), presented a case study on how the intelligence community (IC) is addressing these challenges by establishing innovative AI/ML governance and data management methodologies, during his Data Summit 2023 session, "Using Data Management Methodologies to Foster Development of Transformational AI/ML Tradecraft."

Columns - Database Elaborations

In 1961, a clever science fiction author named Robert Heinlein coined a new term in one of his novels. The term was "grok." Grok is a wonderful word that means "to empathize or communicate sympathetically; also, to experience enjoyment," and is a term similar to the later sixties phrase "dig it." Grok meanings also include "to drink," "to love," and "to be one with." Grok can apply when one experiences those moments of insight as a new realization coalesces in one's mind, or as that joyful experience continues to provide a thrill. Perhaps grok can be a mental state one achieves as one attains the peacefulness advertised in another 1960s term—"be here now." Grokking can be vital in working through the creation of a new logical data model. If one does not understand the data, then one cannot model the data. Alternately, if one groks the data, the data modeling efforts will flow freely.

Columns - DBA Corner

The end goal of database design is to be able to transform a logical data model into an actual physical database. A logical data model is required before you can even begin to design a physical database. Assuming that the logical data model is complete, though, what must be done to implement a physical database?

Columns - Quest IOUG Database & Technology Insights

You can avoid performance problems with 19c In-Memory options available from Oracle. Oracle Ace Anuj Mohan, as a part of the Quest Oracle Community's Database & Technology Week, offered a deep dive on features including In-Memory, Configuring IMCS, Populating IMCS, IMCS Advisors, and In-Memory Features.

Columns - MongoDB Matters

Mongo Atlas—MongoDB's Database as a Service offering—has become increasingly central to MongoDBs commercial strategy. Since its launch in 2016, MongoDB has onboarded tens of thousands of customers to Atlas, and Atlas now represents almost two-thirds of MongoDB's revenue.

MV Community

The upcoming release of Informer 5.8 is bringing an array of features built to empower users to create customized outputs while optimizing their workflows. At the heart of this release are two powerful new features, Templates and Letterhead. According to Madhavi Chandra, chief product officer, in a blog post, Informer 5.8 includes the game-changing Templates feature, designed to provide users with total control over their custom outputs.

Inc. magazine revealed that RDM Infinity landed a spot on the third-annual Inc. 5000 Regionals: Rocky Mountain list, a prestigious ranking of private companies based in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. RDM achieved a median revenue growth of 195% between 2019 and 2021, earning it a coveted place among just 59 other regional businesses recognized for their tremendous growth in a challenging economic climate.

Rocket Software is committed to our MultiValue (MV) solutions and our customers who rely on MV. To support this commitment, our team of software engineers is adding new, modern features to our MV solutions and developing new, modern MV applications like the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX:P). If you're not familiar with MVX: P, it's a free performance monitoring application for Rocket UniVerse. We've designed MVX:P specifically for DBAs or developers with DBA responsibilities who need to improve performance.

Zumasys is introducing its Rover Business Suite, launching 8 new products aimed at helping to modernize MultiValue applications. According to the company, this major announcement signifies Zumasys' commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers and the MultiValue community.