November 2016

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Trends and Applications

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) calls it "The Treacherous Twelve." Others have called it the Dirty Dozen. But by whatever name, this is the list to know if you have concerns about security in the public cloud. To be honest, much is being done to address the items on this list. In fact, some predict that in a few years' time the public cloud may be more secure than private ones—and certainly more than traditional networks. Imagine, even, the possibility of security being the reason to go to—rather than shun—the public cloud.

Scaling Data Integration Across Hybrid Environments in a Big Data World

In the age of big data, efficiently managing relational databases, particularly SQL Server, may be the single most important issue facing a growing number of CIOs and data center managers. Throughout the enterprise IT community, and in the world of big data in particular, SQL Server is on a tear. Gartner projects that the market for relational database management systems will grow to $40 billion by 2018, with expanding instances of SQL Server growing nearly as fast as the big data opportunities they are expected to manage.

Running databases both on premises and in a public cloud is increasingly becoming the answer to many of the headaches that database administrators and developers alike run into when working on their organization's databases. Most organizations originally favored private clouds, allowing their staff members to spin up private instances whenever needed, but public cloud providers and cloud database vendors now offer serious alternatives that make a good case for DBaaS.

Columns - Applications Insight

The business of arranging millions or billions of zeros and ones in exactly the right order—also known as the business of software—has undergone many significant shifts over the history of computing, and we might be about to experience yet another.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Why is there such pervasive abuse and misuse of database views today? Views are a helpful tool in building a business intelligence environment, yet many organizations establish practices that not only rob views of their full usefulness but present patterns that actually confuse issues instead.

Columns - DBA Corner

Navicat: A Helpful Toolkit for DBAs

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

Back when I managed my employer's enterprise architecture, prior to the days of virtualization and cloud computing, one of my most difficult projects was to build out a sandbox environment for a major proof of concept (POC). Locally hosted servers and all of the required licenses were expensive and scarce. If you're still struggling with scarcity when conducting research and performing POCs, I've got to tell you you're doing it wrong.