Kimberly Nevala

Strategic Advisor

Kimberly Nevala is a Strategic Advisor at SAS where she advises customers on how to balance forward-thinking strategies with real-world perspectives on business analytics, data governance, analytic culture and change management. Prior to SAS, Kimberly was a Principal Consultant for Baseline Consulting Group, a premier management consultancy specializing in business and data strategy.

Kimberly’s current focus is helping customers understand both the business potential and practical limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

A popular speaker and author, Kimberly has published numerous eBooks and white papers including “Rationalizing Risk in AI”, “Making Sense of AI”, “The Machine Learning Primer”, “Data-Driven: From All Gut to Analytically-Driven Glory”, “Anatomy of an Analytic Enterprise”, “The CAO eBook” and “Sustainable Data Governance”. 

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