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Big Data 50 - The Top 50 Companies Driving Big Data Innovation

Intel, well-known for its processor technology, announced in March 2014 a substantial equity and intellectual property investment in Hadoop provider Cloudera and plans to work with Cloudera to integrate optimizations from the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software into Cloudera’s distribution, including Apache Hadoop (CDH). The companies continue to drive innovation through open source technologies, with a focus on security, performance, and management to support Hadoop adoption. 

MapR Technologies, Inc.

Delivering on the promise of Hadoop, MapR provides an enterprise-grade platform that supports mission-critical and real-time production uses for more than 700 customers across ad media, consumer products, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, market research, networking and computers, retail/online, and telecommunications as well  as by leading  Global 2000 and Web 2.0 companies.

MarkLogic Corp.
MarkLogic provides schema-agnostic, enterprise NoSQL database technology  with the features required to run mission-critical applications, as well as training, consulting services, and 24/7 support.

MemSQL, Inc.
MemSQL, a provider of in-memory, relational, distributed database technology, offers a familiar SQL interface and a horizontally scalable distributed architecture that runs on commodity hardware or in the cloud.

Microsoft Corp.
Helping to drive decisions from virtually any data, Microsoft offers analytic solutions in the cloud and on premises to help organizations gain rapid insights across structured, semi- structured, and unstructured data at rest or in motion.

MicroStrategy, Inc.
From local spreadsheet data to enterprise data systems to cloud-based data, MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise analytics, mobility, and security platforms, supports access to all an organization’s business data from one place.

MongoDB, Inc.
With a general-purpose design that makes it appropriate for a large number of use cases such as content management systems, mobile applications, gaming, ecommerce, analytics, archiving, and logging, MongoDB provides a document-oriented NoSQL database, which  stores data in “collections,” its equivalent of RDBMS tables.

Objectivity, Inc.
Objectivity enables businesses to discover actionable patterns in fast-changing data streams to support large-scale, high-performance applications through Objectivity/ DB, its object-oriented database technology, and InfiniteGraph, graph technology that enables organizations to achieve greater return on their data-related investment by helping them “connect the dots” on a global scale.

OpenText provides enterprise information management (EIM) software solutions, on premises or in the cloud, that facilitate the efficient and secure exchange of information inside and outside of organizations.

Oracle Corp.
Oracle provides a range of big data solutions, ranging from on-premise and cloud solutions and services, appliances, and engineered systems, to help organizations break down data silos and gain insights from data stored in Hadoop, relational  databases, and NoSQL stores.


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