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Big Data 50: Companies Driving Innovation in 2022

IRI, The CoSort Company
A data management and security ISV founded in 1978, IRI provides fast data manipulation, broad data source support, fit-for-purpose job design wizards and APIs—as well as extensive third-party technology tie-ins.

Big Data Trailblazer


IRI Voracity® manipulates and manages a huge range and volume of data from a single pane of glass built on Eclipse™. Use Voracity to rapidly and reliably discover, integrate, migrate, govern, and analyze data on-premise or in the cloud, while addressing all ‘V’ challenges of big data:

Data from internal and public sources are growing exponentially. Voracity’s long proven IRI CoSort engine performs and combines multi-gigabyte transforms in seconds, besting legacy sort, BI, DB, and ETL tool speeds by 2-20X.

The myriad structured and unstructured sources is beyond most tools. Voracity supports more than 150 data sources and targets which include legacy and EDI files, multiple and multi-byte data and endian types, every RDBMS, plus many big data and cloud/SaaS sources.

CDR, IOT, social, and transactional data come fast, and at different intervals. CoSort or seamlessly integrated Hadoop engines in Voracity scale workloads across commodity hardware. Voracity can also process real-time, near-real-time, or streaming DB, file, or message data through Kafka or MQTT, pipes or procedures, Spark or Storm, and IRI Ripcurrent.

Low quality data lowers analytic and testing value, and PII puts you at risk. Voracity’s validation, scrubbing, enrichment, and unification features all improve data quality. Its embedded data classification, discovery, and masking capabilities—plus database subsetting and realistic test data synthesis—help you nullify breaches, enhance DevOps, and comply with data privacy laws.

As you (re)consider your informational and decision needs from data, consider the value of having a true production analytic platform that marries data preparation with analytics and visualization. Or, combine Voracity with DataSwitch for self-service data preparation and codeless data engineering to facilitate data democratization.

IRI Voracity

A leading technology for real-time data analytics and decision intelligence, KX offers a streaming analytics platform, the KX Insights Platform, an industry-leading high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics, and operational intelligence platform.

By automatically scanning a user’s data environment, MANTA builds a powerful map of all data flows and delivers it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users with its data lineage platform.

Big Data Trailblazer by Tomáš Krátký, Founder and CEO


Today’s enterprise organizations face increasingly complex data environments. As they continue to generate escalating volumes of data, the need to understand their data’s history—to know where it came from and where it’s going—becomes paramount to their success as a company.

That’s where MANTA comes in. With our fully automated data lineage platform, we give enterprises a detailed, accurate, semantic map of their data pipeline—and the power to master it. And in doing so, we help them fully recognize their potential as data-driven companies.

Our data lineage platform reaches every corner of an organization’s data environment to restore observability, keep their data pipeline healthy, and help them get the most out of their data. The combination of data lineage harvested across multiple sources in an automated way—and a powerful semantic layer on top of it—gives data users a complete, clear, and comprehensive map of all data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies.

Using MANTA, enterprises can manage end-to-end data lineage across their data lifecycle while achieving regulatory compliance, enhancing their data governance framework, speeding up migration projects, and shortening delivery schedules.

Connect with us at manta@getmanta.com to see how we’re bringing intelligence to metadata management and helping enterprises around the world drive productivity, gain trust in their data, and accelerate digital transformation. Or visit getmanta.com to learn more.


MariaDB Corp
MariaDB frees companies from the costs, cloud lock-in, constraints, and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most—rapidly developing innovative, customer-facing applications.

Optimized for modern enterprise data teams, Matillion is built on native integrations to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure Synapse to enable new levels of efficiency and productivity across any organization.

More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full-spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships.

Microsoft offers an array of technologies and solutions for businesses of all sizes, spanning desktop applications, relational database management technology, operating systems, search, and mobile devices, in the cloud and on-premise.

MongoDB is the developer data platform company empowering innovators to create, transform, and disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data; and with the upcoming 6.0 release, MongoDB will introduce the ability to create a secondary or compound index on any field in a time-series collection.

Neo4j provides a graph data platform that delivers real-time transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualization, and more to solve challenges of any size and scale.

Helping organizations devote more time and resources to adding value for their users and customers, Oracle provides capabilities in SaaS, platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and data-as-a-service from data centers throughout the world.

With a spectrum of solutions ranging from infrastructure modernization and data enablement to application acceleration and business collaboration, Pythian delivers full-lifecycle consulting, professional services, and managed services to create outstanding business outcomes.

Big Data Trailblazer

Pythian is honored to be named one of the 50 Big Data solutions providers for 2022. We are passionate about guiding organizations
throughout their data and analytics journey to deliver outstanding business outcomes. We help enterprises love the value their data reveals.

For leaders responsible for enterprise-wide analytics, the journey may feature more potholes and speed bumps than straightaways. The obstacles are numerous, from siloed data and lackluster platforms to poor governance and cost overruns. Each challenge can slow progress—or derail an analytics project altogether.

As an analytics champion, how will you fast-track your organization’s analytics journey—and, more importantly—create the roadmap for success?

Pythian has deep experience and a suite of services to help you determine where you are on your analytics journey. Our team meets you where you are so you can take the next step successfully and find impactful returns—fast.

We’ve defined four stages of analytics maturity:

Deliver insights into where the business is today and was historically.

Project future scenarios and calculate what to do next.

Automate and orchestrate processes by using data to improve other applications.

Identify new opportunities by sharing analytics data with product development or external stakeholders.

As you plan your analytics journey, looking at the bigger picture will help you create a program that works today and grows with you for tomorrow. Draw on Pythian as your guide toward achieving quick, impactful returns—take our analytics journey assessment to determine what the next step is.


Quest Software
Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape, helping customers solve their next IT challenge: from maximizing the value of their data, to Active Directory and Office 365 management, to cybersecurity resilience.

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