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Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing

Dataiku, whose name is a portmanteau of data and haiku, espouses the view that data projects should have “a structured process, a single flow, from start to finish,” and provides the Data Science Studio (DSS), to enable scalable data science to any organization.

DataRobot uses advanced enterprise machine learning automation to enable users to quickly build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models.

DatumBox offers services available through a REST API, including a large number of off-the-shelf classifiers and natural language processing services which can be used in applications for sentiment analysis, topic classification, language detection, subjectivity analysis, spam detection, reading assessment, keyword and text extraction, and more.

Digital Reasoning software assembles an integrated circuit of algorithms that organize information into a graph-based knowledge model to enable predictions based on a high fidelity representation of context, and, like the human mind, learns new things, adapts, and gets smarter over time.

H2O.ai provides an open source AI platform that is used by over 100,000 data scientists and more than 10,000 organizations around the world.

introduced Watson to the world in 2011 when it won the $1 million first place prize on Jeopardy, and, today, the cognitive computing platform encompasses products and APIs that bring the power of AI to organizations in more than 45 countries and across 20 different industries to uncover business-critical insights.

Infosys offers the Nia platform, which combines the big data/analytics, ML, KM, and cognitive automation capabilities of its first-generation AI platform, Mana; the robotic process automation capabilities of AssistEdge; and the machine-learning capabilities of Skytree; with optical character recognition, natural language processing capabilities, and infrastructure management services.

IPsoft, which automates enterprise IT and business processes through the use of digital labor, offers Amelia, an AI platform that connects conversations to data and processes in order to enable personalized service to customers.

JASK, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity company, that recently launched with the announcement of $12 million in Series A funding, offers a cloud platform that uses machine learning and AI to deliver end-to-end network monitoring—identifying and triaging the most relevant attacks, and allowing security analysts to focus their resources on only the most dangerous threats.

MapR provides the distributed deep learning Quick Start Solution comprised of a data layer, which is managed by the MapR File System (MapR-FS) service, a middle orchestration layer using Kubernetes to manage the GPU/ CPU resources, and a top application layer using TensorFlow as the deep learning tool.

Nara Logics builds a synaptic network of explicit and inferred connections to create an intelligence layer on top of chaotic, siloed enterprise data for real-time, context relevant recommendations.

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