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Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing

No longer the stuff of science fiction, the business uses for cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning today include fields as diverse as medicine, marketing, defense, energy, and agriculture. Enabling these applications is the vast amount of data that companies are collecting from machine sensors, instruments, and websites and the ability to support smarter solutions with faster data processing.

It is also clear that we are still in the early days of cognitive computing and machine learning, and to be sure, there are technical, political, and ethical considerations to be dealt with before this new wave of solutions comes closer to reaching its potential. However, innovative companies do have products and services today to help customers put more data to work.

To help readers gain a greater understanding about this emerging area of information technology, the solutions available, and their role in handling real-world challenges, DBTA and Big Data Quarterly present the inaugural list of Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing.

Alpine Data enables organizations to create a culture of analytics at scale by providing an integrated analytics platform that brings machine learning, data, and people together to create operational solutions for business users.

Amazon AI services bring natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech, and machine learning technologies within the reach of every developer.

ABBYY provides intelligent capture, optical character recognition, innovative language-based, and artificial intelligence technologies to help businesses take action with information.

Attivio’s Cognitive Search and Insight Platform leverages cognitive capabilities, such as machine learning and natural language processing to deliver the most relevant information in context but also offers the flexibility of manual relevancy tuning to optimize results.

C3 IoT offers a comprehensive technology stack for the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of next-generation IoT applications that unlock data-driven insights and transform business processes.

Cloudera offers a modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on open source technologies, and recently introduced its Data Science Workbench, based on the company’s acquisition of data science startup, to accelerate data science and machine learning for the enterprise.

Cogitai is dedicated to building artificial intelligences (AIs) that learn continually from interaction with the real world, with the goal of building the brains, i.e., the continual learning AI software that enables everyday things to get smarter with experience.

CognitiveScale offers an augmented intelligence platform and the ENGAGE and AMPLIFY products that pair humans and machines so they can “engage” users intelligently at the edge and “amplify” process intelligence through self-learning, self-assuring business processes for commerce, healthcare, and financial services.

Crowdflower offers a platform powered by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning that combines machine learning and humans-in-the-loop in a single platform for data science teams doing sentiment analysis, search relevance, or business data classification.

Darktrace was founded in Cambridge, U.K., in 2013 by mathematicians and machine learning specialists from the University of Cambridge, together with world-leading intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ, to bring transformative technology to the challenge of cybersecurity.

Databricks the company founded by the creators of the Apache Spark project, recently introduced Deep Learning Pipelines, a library to integrate and scale out deep learning in Apache Spark, which has the potential to accomplish for deep learning what Spark did for big data—make it approachable to a much broader audience.

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