Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WELCOME & KEYNOTE - Understanding the Data Value Chain
>>> Edd Dumbill - 0900_Dumbill.pdf (7 MB)
Agile "AppStore" (SBA) Creation on a Rich Search Index
Analytics and Applications
A101: Moving From Big Data to Big Value
>>> Paul Nelson - A101_Nelson.pptx (3 MB)
A102: Big Data Methodology
A103: Succeeding With Big Data Analytics
A104: Winning Customers Through Business Intelligence
>>> Mark Kryska - A104_Kryska.pptx (889 KB)
A105: Capitalizing on IoT and Big Data Analytics
Moving to a Modern Data Architecture
B101: Understanding the Modern Data Architecture
B102: Creating a Data Architecture for Business Intelligence and Analytics
>>> Richard Sherman - B102_Sherman(1).pdf (2 MB)
B103: Unlocking the Power of Machine Data
>>> Dejan Deklich - B103_Deklich.pptx (45 MB)
B104: Taking Advantage of New Data Management Technologies
B105: Driving Performance in the Data-Driven Enterprise
Big Data in the Cloud
C101: Blueprint for Architecting Big Data Analytics Solutions
C102: An Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Metadata Manager
C103: Integration of a SQL Database Oracle and a NoSQL Database Cassandra for a High Data Volume Big Data Application
>>> Rao S Kasinadhuni - C103_Kasinadhuni.pptx (2 MB)
C104: Data Warehousing with Hadoop and Integration with OBIEE 11g Leveraging Oracle Big Data Discovery (BDD) and Big Data SQL
C105: Analytics: Traditional Versus Big Data
Hadoop Day
H101: The Current State of Hadoop
>>> David Teplow - H101_Teplow.pdf (12 MB)
H102: Hadoop and Your Data Warehouse
>>> Elliott Cordo - H102_Cordo.pptx (4 MB)
H103: Hadoop in the Cloud
>>> Ben Sgro - H103_Sgro.pptx (518 KB)
H104: Harnessing the Hadoop Ecosystem
>>> Jason Huang - Download presentation here
H105: Panel Discussion: The Data Lake: From Hype to Reality

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OPENING PANEL - Resolving Data Conundrums
Analytics and Applications
A201: Increasing Your Productivity Through Data Visualization
>>> Amanda Gessert - A201_Gessert(1).pptx (21 MB)
A202: Supercharging Your Marketing With Predictive Analytics
>>> Jochen Frey - A202_Frey.pdf (24 MB)
A203: Panel Discussion: The Future of Big Data
A204: The Analytics Revolution
>>> Andrew Lewkowicz - A204_Lewkowicz.ppt (2 MB)
CLOSING KEYNOTE - Data Disruption and Innovation
>>> John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pdf (8 MB)
Moving to a Modern Data Architecture
B201: Overcoming Big Data Integration Challenges
>>> Kamran Khan - B201_Khan.pptx (4 MB)
>>> Kamran Khan - B201_Khan(1).pptx (3 MB)
B202: Panel Discussion: Preparing for the Internet of Things
B203: Big Data Requires Big Governance
>>> Sudeep Venkatesh - B203_Venkatesh.pptx (2 MB)
>>> Scott Zoldi - B203_Zoldi.pdf (3 MB)
B204: Moving to a Modern Storage Approach
>>> Andrew Chen - B204_Chen(1).pptx (1 MB)
CLOSING KEYNOTE - Data Disruption and Innovation
>>> John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pdf (8 MB)
Evolution of the Data Warehouse in the Age of Big Data
C201: The New Analytic Paradigm: The Big Evolution of BI
>>> Ian Abramson - C201_Abramson.pdf (2 MB)
C202: Big Data Analytics in Oracle Database 12c With Oracle Advanced Analytics and Big Data SQL
>>> Charlie Berger - C202_Berger.pptx (14 MB)
C203: Introduction to R, for Big Data Analysis
>>> Harold A Dost - C203_Dost.pptx (1 MB)
C204: Hadoop and Oracle Integration: Lessons Learned
>>> Aaron Werman - Oracle-and-Hadoop-Werman-5-2015.pptx (644 KB)
CLOSING KEYNOTE - Data Disruption and Innovation
>>> John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pdf (8 MB)
Virtualization Day
V201: The Value of Virtualization and the Cloud Today
>>> Anne Buff - V201_Buff.pdf (1 MB)
>>> Lindy Ryan - V201_Ryan.pptx (1 MB)
V202: Virtualizing Your Database and Big Data in the Cloud
>>> Janis Griffin - V202_Griffin.pptx (2 MB)
V203: Increasing Agility Through Data Virtualization
>>> BJ Fesq - V203_Fesq.pdf (382 KB)
>>> Kyle Hailey - V203_Hailey.pptx (16 MB)
V204: Moving to the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities
CLOSING KEYNOTE - Data Disruption and Innovation
>>> John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pdf (8 MB)
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