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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: The Human Side of the Data Revolution
Thornton A May - 0900_May.pptx
SPONSORED KEYNOTE: Architecting Business Disruption with Machine Learning
Rob Thomas - 0945_Thomas.pptx
The Rise of the Internet of Things
John O'Brien - A101_OBrien.pdf
Anne Buff - A101_Buff.pptx
Succeeding With Big Data in the Real World
Database Management Today
Craig S. Mullins - A103_Mullins.pdf
Mike Langdon - A103_Langdon.pptx
Going Beyond Relational
Mike King - A104_King(2).pptx
Supporting Real-Time Applications
Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise
Agrawal & Shao - B101_Agrawal.pdf
John Hebeler - B101_Hebeler.pptx
Driving Innovation Through Big Data
Big Data Analytics in Action
Jeff Fried - B103_Fried.pdf
Beating the Barriers to Better Analytics
Supercharging Your Marketing With Big Data
Unleashing the Power of Hadoop
Mertic & Jones - H101_Mertic.pptx
Sumit Pal - H101_Pal(1).pptx
Harnessing Big Data With Spark
Marcin Tustin - H102_Tustin.pdf
The Streaming Future of Big Data
Roger C. Rea - H103_Rea.pptx
Building an Enterprise Data Lake
Jonathan Gray - H104_Gray.pdf
Integrating Hadoop Into Your BI Environment
Josh Klahr - H105_Klahr.pdf
The Emerging Threat Landscape
Robert Pearl - D101_Pearl.pptx
Managing Data Vulnerabilities
Donald Soulsby - D102_Soulsby.pdf
Security in the IoT World
James Murphy - D103_Murphy.pdf
Database Security Today
Tom Spitzer - D104_Spitzer.pptx
Building Security Into Your Data Architecture
Mark W Lynch - D105_Lynch.pdf

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

OPENING KEYNOTE: Information Governance Meets Big Data Analytics
Linda G. Sharp - 0845_Sharp.pdf
Lightspeed Primer to AWS Managed Database Services
Dan Zamansky - 0930_Zamansky(1).pptx
Data Capital in the 21st Century
Paul Sonderegger - 0945_Sonderegger.pptx
The Future of Data Warehousing
Kevin Schofield - A201_Schofield.pptx
Ravi Shankar - A201_Shankar.pptx
The Evolution of Data Lakes
Overcoming the Big Data Quality Challenge
Donald Soulsby - A203_Soulsby.pdf
The In-Memory Revolution
Viktor Gamov - A204_Gamov.pdf
Maturing Your Data Quality & Analytics
Jeff Fried - B201_Fried.pdf
Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise
Unlocking the Power of Data Science
Stan Christiaens - B203_Christiaens.pptx
The Future of Analytics
Jon Pilkington - B204_Pilkington.pptx
Database Management & The Cloud
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman - V201_PotVin-Gorman.pptx
The Cloud Landscape Today
Corey & Sullivan - V202_Corey.pptx
Increasing Agility Through Data Virtualization
Alex Rosenthal - V203_Rosenthal.pptx
When Big Data Meets Cloud
Security in the Hadoop World
Josh Klahr - D201_Klahr.pdf
Security in the NoSQL World
Tom Spitzer - D202_Spitzer.pptx
Data-Driven Security
Greg Bonin - D203_Bonin.pptx
The Great Cloud Security Debate
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Architecting Data for the Modern Enterprise
Joe Caserta - 1600_Caserta.pptx

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