MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

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Vinnie Smith, MultiValue Lab Director,
Rocket Software

Rocket continues to lead critical business applications into the future. The flexible architecture of Rocket MultiValue enables us to incorporate new technologies which solve our customers’ needs. 

We help organizations go mobile faster without refactoring existing MV applications. With no previous mobile development experience, they can quickly build new mobile applications by using drag-and-drop widgets and leveraging MV RESTful services with Rocket Mobile for MultiValue.

To support self-service BI with MultiValue for business users, we allow them to connect to data; create rich visualizations that expose trends, outliers, and historical data; and derive insights for better business decisions with Rocket Discover for MultiValue. We also extend the development possibilities with Python integration.

Python complements the native Basic language of MultiValue. Not only it is easy to learn (like Basic) but developers also benefit from extending the functionality of their app using Python libraries and reducing time to market. Python integration is now in beta with Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData.

Furthermore, we provide assistance with adhering to security and compliance regulations. Audit logging helps manage the auditing requirements of regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley, in addition to internal auditing and other unique needs. Audit logging is available for UniVerse. There is also the ability to automate and track everything that happens from the time a change request is made until the time the solution is delivered and verified with Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager.

With Rocket MultiValue, we provide a solid foundation for our partners to deliver lasting solutions for their customers now and into the future.


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