DBTA 100 2014 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Compuware Corp.
Bob Paul, CEO
Compuware, the technology performance company, offers solutions for user experience management, application monitoring, lifecycle performance management, automated test and auditing, mainframe modernization, and mainframe performance and analysis.

Kris Manery, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, Mainframe Solutions

View from the Top by Kris Manery, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, Mainframe Solutions

Properly functioning technology is table stakes for global companies, right? Not so, says an international executive survey, which revealed that nearly half of all global businesses experienced a pervasive technology failure in recent months and 81 percent indicated the same tech fiasco occurred multiple times. The average full-time to recovery—24 days ... read on

Confio Software, Part of the SolarWinds Family
Kevin Thompson, President & CEO, SolarWinds
Confio Software develops software that enables IT departments to improve the process of managing database performance for systems based on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and SAP Sybase databases, running on VMware virtual servers as well as conventional platforms.

Continuent, Inc.
Robert Hodges, CEO
With database clustering and replication that enables enterprises to run business-critical applications on costeffective open source software, Continuent’s products and services enable high availability, globally redundant data distribution and real-time heterogeneous data integration in cloud and on-premises environments.

Couchbase, Inc.
Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO
Couchbase, a provider of NoSQL document database technology, is the company behind the Couchbase open source project. It offers a packaged version of Couchbase technology, available in both community and enterprise editions.

Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO

View from the Top by Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO

The emergence of big data—particularly the massive amounts and varied types of data, is driving the rapid growth of NoSQL. This new database technology is the wave of the future, initially having gained popularity with developers, and now gaining traction within the enterprise. As you know, technology can be the driver, or the barrier to competitive advantage ... read on

Billy Bosworth, CEO
With a flagship offering built on Apache Cassandra, the open source NoSQL database technology, DataStax provides a big data platform that enables users to perform real-time transactions with Cassandra, analytics with Apache Hadoop and enterprise search with Apache Solr.

Datavail Corp.
Mark Perlstein, President & CEO
A provider of remote database administration (DBA) services, offering database design and architecture, administration and 24×7 support, Datavail specializes in Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DB2, and SharePoint.

Mark Perlstein, CEO

View from the Top by Mark Perlstein, CEO

With the enormous volume of data being collected now, database management is becoming more critical for every enterprise. You need access to data from a wide variety of places and devices. 24x7 database operations and higher service levels are the new normal. This growth in data causes some common challenges ... read on.

Datawatch Corp.
Michael A. Morrison, President & CEO
Datawatch provides a visual data discovery solution. With an emphasis on user experience, its ability to integrate structured, unstructured and semi-structured sources with real-time streaming data into visually rich analytic applications enables users to dynamically uncover insights.

Daniel Nelson, CEO
Building on Liquibase, the open source database change management tool, Datical provides a patented, holistic, data model approach for automating and managing database change across complex environments.

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.)
Scott Hayes, President & Founder
Specializing in performance solutions for IBM DB2 LUW, DBI’s patented technology and methodology help customers expose inefficiencies, improve performance, lower hardware and database license costs, and accelerate productivity.

Scott Hayes, President & Founder

View from the Top by Scott Hayes, President & Founder

Scott Hayes is an IBM DB2 LUW Performance Expert, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, IBM Information Management Champion, US patent inventor, published author, blogger on DB2 LUW performance topics, and popular frequent speaker at IBM IOD and IDUG Conferences. He started DBI Software in July 2005 with one simple mission: “Help People!” Nine years later, this simple mission is still DBI’s #1 core value ... read on.

Dell, Inc.
John A. Swainson, President, Software
Providing scalable, integrated cross-platform solutions to help customers accelerate value and results, Dell Software helps organizations—large and small—manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data—easily and securely.

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