MultiValue Special Section: MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries

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Doug Leupen, President and CEO, Entrinsik

As with all technologies, it is crucial for MultiValue systems and applications to continue evolving in order to remain applicable and relevant to current business practices. The key challenge remaining for MultiValue users and vendors is being able to integrate information with the many non-MV applications out there today. Accessing and managing data from multiple sources including MultiValue databases, SQL databases, and SaaS applications can become an insurmountable challenge without the right tools available to handle these various systems.

Entrinsik’s long-standing relationship with the MultiValue community has allowed us to understand these unique challenges and continue to offer solutions that help MV users get the most out of their systems and applications. Entrinsik Informer reporting software makes the data retrieval and analysis process ultimately user and web-friendly, regardless of database type. Informer has the ability to join real-time data from disparate data sources, making it possible to report off of almost any database or application simultaneously, providing integrated data reporting and analysis for IT and end users alike.

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