MultiValue Vendors Continue to Move Forward in 2022

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Jen Fenner, Director of Business Development, Entrinsik

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our lives in ways that would have seemed ludicrous at the end of 2019. Change and innovation that were forecasted to take years to disseminate became staples overnight. Ultimately, the accelerated delivery of solutions became essential to adapting to a new threat. This change has brought great opportunities for MultiValue and Informer. Informer has always been at the center of innovation, creating a path for the right data to be delivered at the right time to guide accurate and informed decision making. However, due in part to a complex array of stakeholders and a web of IT systems, concerns around data privacy have often lagged. That is, until now.

In the face of accelerated change, the MultiValue community can rely on Entrinsik’s Informer to help steer through new challenges via native MultiValue reporting. Through its native connection to MV databases, Informer provides real-time reporting, preserving MV-specific functionality and data views.

Last year placed a strong emphasis on hosted solutions with easy access for remote workers. Informer is completely browser-based and can live anywhere, connecting to most cloud-based applications through its REST API connector. It can then seamlessly blend data from multiple sources in Informer Datasets and allow for on-demand or scheduled refreshes of the data. Informer Embedded enables software providers to white-label intuitive self-service business intelligence to enhance their overall product offering. Entrinsik offers customized integrations, functionality, and look and feel to achieve a seamless user experience. In the recent BARC BI & Analytics 22 Survey, Informer achieved 45 top rankings, including top distribution of reports and performance satisfaction, along with the best price-to-value out of all 30 products evaluated.

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