Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015

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Norman Kutemperor, Scientel Scientel Information Technology, Inc.
Scientel Gensonix—a scalable server environment for big data requirements that stores structured or unstructured data in relational, hierarchical, network, and column formats

Product Spotlight by Norman Kutemperor, CTO

Scientel Information Technology, Inc. is a U.S.-based, international, Database Technology Company founded in 1977. Scientel also designs/ produces a highly optimized range of servers, which can be bundled with its GENSONIX ENTERPRISE NoSQL DB as a single-source of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel also customizes hardware and software for specific applications resulting in higher performance ... read on

SiSense—a BI solution that enables users to easily join, analyze, and visualize growing datasets from structured and unstructured data sources

Janis Griffin, SolarWindsSolarWinds
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer—formerly known as Confio Ignite, is a multi-vendor platform that covers multiple databases from a single user interface to help solve complex database issues and optimize application response times

Product Spotlight by Janis Griffin, Sr. DBA & Database Performance Evangelist

With all the recent advancements in hardware, including flash storage, multi-core processors, and memory capacity, one would think that improving performance is as simple as spending money. However, the truth is that all modern relational databases have far too many moving parts to just assume that throwing hardware at the problem is always the best answer ... read on.

Splice Machine, Inc.
Splice Machine—a Hadoop RDBMS designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites, provides SQL support, secondary indexes, join optimizations, and transactional integrity

Splunk, Inc.
Splunk Enterprise 6.2—updated version of the platform for machine data delivers analysis and pattern detection to help IT and business users discover relationships in data and build advanced analytics

SQL Sentry
SQL Sentry Event Manager—scheduling, alerting, and response system for optimizing schedule performance of database servers with specific products for SQL Server, Windows, SharePoint, and Oracle

SQLstream, Inc.
SQLstream Blaze—distributed stream processing platform for streaming analytics, real-time visualization, and continuous integration of machine data at big data scale

Sqrrl Enterprise—unifies several big data approaches into a single platform—including Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, linked data analysis, machine learning, datacentric security, and advanced visualization—to enable real-time search, discovery, and analytics

Syncsort, Inc.
Syncsort DMX-h for Hadoop—provides an approach to Hadoop Sort and Hadoop ETL that eliminates the need for custom code, and improves Hadoop’s processing efficiency

Tableau Software, Inc.
Tableau 8.2—update of analytics and visualization software, that enables Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public to run natively on the Mac, and helps users create interactive, data-driven stories

Talend 5.6—The latest release of the integration platform sets new benchmarks for big data productivity and profiling, innovates in MDM with efficiency controls, and broadens Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity

Teradata Corp.
Teradata QueryGrid—gives users self-service access to data and analytic processing across different systems from within a single Teradata Database or Aster Database query

Terracotta, a subsidiary of Software AG
Terracotta Big Memory—products include Big Memory Max—distributed in-memory management solution for low, predictable latency at any scale; and Big Memory Go for standalone in-memory data management on a single application server

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