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Building upon our previous look at z/OS Container Extensions (zCX), we spoke with Kershaw Mehta, chief architect at IBM, about the potential capabilities of containers for organizations, including those moving to the cloud.

Posted July 26, 2021

Job markets evolve and the skills needed in the workplace change. Analysts have recently asked whether colleges are up to the task of keeping up with the skills necessary for students to flourish in their chosen careers.

Posted July 12, 2021

Cultivating community is a top priority in the mainframe space. IBM Z Ambassadors, or ZAmbassadors for short, represent just one program aimed at growing the mainframe community, with ambassadors in at least 17 countries.

Posted June 28, 2021

"Packed Decimal Pachyderms" — that's us. Mainframe Elephants — long memories, very versatile, and — until recently — mostly grey. But if the pachyderm reference is obscure, the packed decimal part probably qualifies as obfuscation if used beyond the scope of mainframe technical insiders.

Posted June 14, 2021

Like all conferences over the last year, SHARE events have shifted to a virtual platform in 2021 so we can best continue to serve our attendees by providing high-quality enterprise technology education while also striving to include peer networking and industry influence.

Posted June 01, 2021

Cloud computing has evolved into serverless computing, an application architecture that includes more client-side code, a reliance on managed services, and the removal of direct server interaction.

Posted May 17, 2021

The refreshed website is complete and was officially released to the world on April 15, 2021. When you first arrive at the new website, you'll find easy and intuitive navigation plus more information at your fingertips from the home page.

Posted May 03, 2021

One could spend numerous pages—books—trying to catalog all the mainframe pop culture errors and correct them, and a small number of people might even read such a massive collection.

Posted April 19, 2021

It's been quite a year for working women, and it wouldn't be right to close out Women's History Month 2021 without recognizing the women of SHARE. That's why, for this month's Message From SHARE, I'm turning the tables and asking some of our SHARE Virtual Summit Women in IT panelists a few questions.

Posted April 05, 2021

Enterprises rely on add-on security software products, such as External Security Managers (ESMs), to provide security on the mainframe, enabling them to meet compliance and customer expectations. But there are additional considerations enterprises need to take into account.

Posted March 22, 2021

Brian Kithcart, SHARE's vice president, currently serves as systems engineer manager at Rocket Software. Over the last decade, Brian has held positions at SHARE such as project manager and deputy director, which is why, today, we're sitting down with Brian to chat all about his new role with SHARE.

Posted March 08, 2021

We will soon be joining together for SHARE Virtual Summit 2021. The Conference Operations team and the Program Council have prepared a slate of presentations, panel discussions, and various other opportunities to interact with partners and peers for updates on the latest developments.

Posted February 22, 2021

Mainframes are at the core of our digital economy. In fact, recent research from Key Resources, Inc. (KRI) reported that 86% of IT and security managers agreed that mainframes are essential for scaling workloads, with 75% stating they're critical for business continuity.

Posted February 08, 2021

Mainframers are aware that the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) editor, introduced in the 1970s, is easy to learn and helps with basic editing.

Posted January 25, 2021

Five decades of service with one organization is a milestone. Looking back over my 50 years as a SHARE volunteer, I hope that my history provides other members with a snapshot of where the organization has been and where it is going — a first-hand look at history.

Posted January 11, 2021

Serving on the Board of Directors is rounding out my experience and appreciation of SHARE — as a vendor, sponsor, speaker, volunteer, founding member of its Women in IT Initiative, and now as Director of Industry Influence and chair of the Editorial Advisory Committee. In my first few months on the Board, I have learned a lot about the power and influence of our association.

Posted December 14, 2020

SHARE is well known for its twice annual events in which presenters offer educational and technical sessions on everything mainframe. In an expansion of its year-round education strategy, SHARE Nibbles offers short, digestible content to members similar to how-to videos on YouTube. These 10-minutes or less tutorials, created by users, will present a quick learning opportunity for IT enterprise questions.

Posted November 30, 2020

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, progress toward gender parity in the U.S. workplace was moving in the right direction, but as more companies strove to remain productive through remote work and other means, gender parity progress has slowed or halted, according to McKinsey's "Women in the Workplace 2020" report.

Posted November 16, 2020

With SHARE Virtual 2020: Power-on Reset (Sept. 22-24 and Sept. 29-Oct.1) in the books, many of the hottest sessions ran the gamut from the z/OS Keynote and MVS Program opening to z/OS containers and Git for ISPF to PDSE Pitstop and hidden treasures of z/OS. Here, we explore the Top 15 sessions - by attendance - for SHARE Virtual 2020.

Posted November 02, 2020

As SHARE turns 65 and the mainframe turns 56, it's significant that Moore's Law has been around for 55 of those years — since 1965. Over the last five decades, the world of computing has come to rely on ever-denser and faster computing technology to mitigate the constantly increasing amount of functionality packed into a given amount of capacity and response time.

Posted October 19, 2020

For the past several years, I have volunteered to mentor students participating in the Master the Mainframe (MtM) student competition, IBM's premiere activity to introduce students—secondary and post-secondary—to the IBM Z ecosystem. I have found it very rewarding, personally, work with students learning about the best platform for enterprises and become interested in pursuing a career on the platform.

Posted October 05, 2020

Prior to the IBM z10, applications achieved significant performance improvements from hardware upgrades, but as processing power has increased through new hardware features, such as new instruction sets, applications compiled with Enterprise COBOL v.4 and all earlier compilers are unable to exploit these new facilities and are not running efficiently on modern Z systems.

Posted September 21, 2020

With IBM's pervasive encryption technology on their z14 and z15 mainframes, you can transparently encrypt data sets and Coupling Facility (CF) structures at low cost on z/OS. While this is an attractive feature, exploiting pervasive encryption is not as simple as flipping a switch.

Posted September 08, 2020

Why is defending the mainframe so difficult? One reason is that many people do not fully understand what is meant by the term "mainframe." Ubiquitous computing leads many to believe that the mainframe is an amorphous type of computer from the mid-20th century that was made obsolete by laptop computers and mobile technologies.

Posted August 24, 2020

Digital certificates are equivalent to a website's identification card, or driver's license, ensuring that a website is real and not a scam website attempting to steal users' personal information, such as credit card numbers. At SHARE Fort Worth, Broadcom software engineers Seamus Hayes and Jamieson Walker explained that digital certificates also contain a cryptographic key that can be used to send encrypted messages to the server, allowing for private, secure communication.

Posted August 10, 2020

For 60 years, COBOL has been the cornerstone language for application development on mainframes. It effectively engages in large-scale batch and transaction processing jobs at a number of companies, government organizations, and other firms.

Posted July 27, 2020

COVID-19 may have changed the economic landscape, but the reality is that companies still need to hire top technical talent to secure their mainframes and ensure their systems continue to operate at their optimum.

Posted July 13, 2020

As you probably already know, the SHARE summer conference, scheduled for Boston, will not occur. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced the cancellation of all gatherings in Boston for the summer, up to and including Labor Day. However, that doesn't mean that SHARE is going to miss out on an opportunity to fulfill our mission.

Posted June 29, 2020

The guiding principle of SHARE has always been its motto: SHARE: It's not an acronym, it's what we do. With more than half a century of history, the organization has a wide range of technical expertise at its fingertips.

Posted June 15, 2020

To be a champion in any field, a person has to have the drive and curiosity to strive for more, but they also have to be passionate about their work and advocate for the advancement of the field. This is particularly true in the IT community where technology evolves quickly.

Posted June 01, 2020

Successful organizations and companies have well-trained workers at their foundation. Training is not only essential for new workers, but also for existing employees to refresh their knowledge, especially when new technologies are adopted or greater responsibilities are expected in a new role.

Posted May 18, 2020

The IBM Master the Mainframe competition may be 15 years old, but it shows no signs of slowing down. There was a 40% surge in contest registrations to more than 25,500 participants in 2019, and participants came from nearly 4,000 schools and 154 countries.

Posted May 04, 2020

SHARE Pittsburgh Best of the Best Session Winner, Dusty Rivers, director of z Systems Software: IMS & CICS at GT Software and SHARE program manager for IMGT, says implementing application programmable interfaces (APIs) at IMS installations can be as simple as knowing what issues you'll run into before you run into them.

Posted April 20, 2020

Mainframe systems are the backbone of finance, health care, and many other industries, which is why the reliability of those systems is paramount.

Posted April 06, 2020

More than 1,300 attendees convened last month in Cowtown for SHARE Fort Worth (Feb. 23-28). Attendees heard the latest scoop on IBM z15 and a variety of other hot topics in enterprise IT.

Posted March 23, 2020

In the session, Transforming Z Applications with APIs, CI/CD and Modern Languages, SHARE Phoenix Best Session winner Keith Wilson, technical architect at USAA, laid out USAA's journey in transforming its critical enterprise applications running on the Z platform to participate in its API ecosystem.

Posted March 09, 2020

At SHARE Fort Worth (Feb. 23-28, 2020), Illinois State University Distinguished Professor Dr. Anu Gokhale's session, Creative Strategies for Fostering an Inclusive Workplace, will help attendees identify talent gaps in the workplace and foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Posted February 24, 2020

Kris Paronto, a former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and private security contractor, is an American hero who knows the value of a strong, reliable team.

Posted February 10, 2020

With the rise of cloud computing and the entrance of major technology companies like IBM into the container market, IBM Z installations need to understand how the mainframe can participate in these ecosystems. At SHARE Fort Worth 2020, there will be several sessions on the new industry standard footprint z15 system, designed for enhanced modularity.

Posted January 27, 2020

Like the cowboys of the 19th century, SHARE Fort Worth (Feb. 23-28, 2020) continues the tradition of cattle trading in Cowtown, with a twist: exchanging knowledge through technical education sessions and networking.

Posted January 13, 2020

As security breaches continue to make headlines, it's clear that businesses need to rethink their cybersecurity strategies. Security-conscious industries strive to keep abreast of the latest tools and research.

Posted December 09, 2019

I've always said, it's never been a better time to be on the mainframe. At SHARE Pittsburgh, I could feel the excitement of attendees who are motivated now more than ever to be part of this platform and ecosystem. Since then a lot has been happening.

Posted November 25, 2019

With her mom and uncle working at Honeywell and a slight nudge from her mom to take college courses in computing, Jeanne Glass, founder and CEO of VirtualZ Computing, began her exploration of technology early on.

Posted November 11, 2019

Maria Boonie, vice president of offering management for IBM Z and LinuxONE at IBM, loves to tinker, just like her father, an engineer at United Technologies. Her family, which includes three brothers, often spent time together taking things apart and putting them back together.

Posted October 28, 2019

COBOL is a technology that at times has seemed stale to some misguided analysts, but actually has a track record of improvement and resilience. The first standard for the COmmon Business-Oriented Language was approved and released by the Conference On Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) Committee in September 1959.

Posted October 14, 2019

As current mainframe professionals begin to retire, the industry faces a skills gap. But there is hope: IBM partnered with the Consumer Technology Association earlier this year to launch the CTA Apprenticeship Coalition to create thousands of new apprenticeships in 20 states.

Posted September 30, 2019

Lisa Wood, chief marketing officer at VirtualZ Computing, fell into technology when her financial services employer told her that the entire management training program and staff would need to learn how to use new software and a computer. "The box landed on my desk, and my boss said, ‘Looks like we need to learn how to use these things,'" she recalls. "There was no IT department, training class, tech support, or YouTube videos. I taught myself everything I could about the software and computer; I took it apart and put it back together with tools I brought to work." Wood adds, "That experience kicked off a career-long love affair with IT."

Posted September 16, 2019

Security risk has in the past few years gained attention by organizations around the world regardless of size. Some, obviously, give it more importance than others, but all recognize that addressing security should be part of their risk strategy.

Posted September 03, 2019

Watson & Walker, Inc. CEO and co-founder Cheryl Watson has been an IBM mainframe enthusiast since she discovered her love of computers at Portland State University in 1965. Upon graduation, Watson began her career as a trainee programmer at Consolidated Freightways using 1401/7010 Autocoder, then assembler and COBOL. She was on the system programming team when their first IBM System/360 was installed, and has followed the mainframe's evolution.

Posted August 19, 2019

SHARE events offer a variety of sessions with experts eager to share their knowledge, ranging from the latest software updates to applications and mainframe hardware. Mainframe hardware is the backbone of the industry, but often new tracks at SHARE events highlight new trends in technology.

Posted August 05, 2019