DBTA 100 2015 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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1010data, Inc.
Sandy Steier,  CEO & Co-Founder

Helping to deliver actionable insight from large amounts of data, 1010data is a provider of big data discovery and data sharing solutions used by retail, manufacturing, telecom, and financial services enterprises.

Actian Corp.
Steve Shine, CEO & President

Enabling companies connect to, analyze, and take action on data, Actian provides a platform that accelerates the analytics value chain from the connection to massive amounts of big data all the way to delivering actionable business value.

Actuate Corp., now part of OpenText
Mark J. Barrenechea, President & CEO of OpenText

Actuate, now part of OpenText, provides embedded BI reporting and analytics tools that help organizations to transform raw data into customer insights quickly and easily with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Aerospike, Inc.
Brian Bulkowski,  Founder & CTO

Supporting real-time, context-driven applications, Aerospike offers an open source, flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL key-value store database.

AgilData (formerly CodeFutures Corp.)
Dan Lynn, CEO

CodeFutures, a supplier of database performance tools, including dbShards for data sharding, has been rebranded to emphasize AgilData, a big data platform, which provides high-performance stream processing that supports the real-time, data-driven enterprise. 


View From the Top by Dan Lynn, CEO, AgilData, formerly CodeFutures

AgilData is the simplest way for enterprises to leverage Big Data without having to become experts in a complex and changing toolset. While Big Data tools and technologies are immensely powerful, putting them together to create a complete solution can be complex and require expensive outsourced implementation and training ... read on., Inc.
Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO

Since its arrival on the World Wide Web in 1995, Amazon has grown to offer an array of products and services, including global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services.

Michal  Klaus, CEO

Part of the Adastra Group, Ataccama is a software company that specializes in solutions for data quality management, master data management, and data governance.

Kevin Loosemore, Executive Chairman, Micro Focus

The Attachmate Group of Companies, which merged with Micro Focus in 2014, provides a range of solutions for terminal emulation, managed file transfer, legacy integration, enterprise file sync and share, and is now grouped with the Novell, NetIQ, Borland and Micro Focus products within Micro Focus.

Attivio, Inc.
Stephen Baker, CEO

To make information meaningful, accessible, and actionable, Attivio provides a single platform for search and discovery initiatives, without heavy coding, point solutions, or IT involvement.

Attunity Ltd.
Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEO

Enabling access, sharing, and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud, Attunity provides solutions for data replication, data flow management, test data management, CDC, data connectivity, enterprise file replication, managed-file-transfer, data warehouse automation, and cloud data delivery.


View From the Top by Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEO, Attunity

Experts in Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization and Big Data Management

Data is the new gold. But to gain value from Big Data, enterprises must first understand which data to move, the best place to store it, and how to move and manage it efficiently. This multi-step process, along with ever-growing data volumes, data types and velocities, inevitably increases complexity. Bringing innovative advancements to this arena is Attunity, a provider of high-performance information availability software solutions... read on.

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