DBTA 100 2021: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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A global hybrid cloud, AI, and business services provider, IBM helps clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs, and gain the competitive edge in their industries.

Idera, Inc. is the parent company of global B2B software productivity brands whose solutions enable technical users to do more with less faster and span three divisions—Database Tools, Developer Tools, and Test Management Tools.

Immuta provides an automated data governance platform that delivers governed data to more users faster by dynamically adapting data views for each user based on intelligent data policies and privacy-enhancing technologies.

View From the Top by Matt Carroll's, Founder & CEO

We’re living in the data-as-product era. Today’s modern cloud data technologies allow organizations to truly unlock, compete with, and monetize their data. Read more.

The creator of the InfluxDB time series database, InfluxData offers technology that is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of time-stamped data produced by sensors, applications, and computer infrastructure.

Informatica provides the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), a comprehensive, cloud-native, AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform that offers more than 200 intelligent data services, and processes more than 17 trillion transactions per month.

Innovative Routines International (IRI), The CoSort Company
IRI is a data management and data security ISV that provides the IRI CoSort data manipulation and masking engine—and free job design environment built on Eclipse—used by big data and BI/DW architects, data security and governance officers, DBAs, and developers.

View From the Top by David Friedland, SVP, IRI, The CoSort Company

Innovative Routines International (IRI) was founded in 1978 to bring mainframe-scale sorting and reporting onto departmental and desktop computers. Read more.

Kore Technologies
Specializing in helping companies extend their enterprise through integrated best-in-class solutions, Kore develops and supports two primary product suites: Kourier Integrator, a data management suite that provides both EAI and ETL capabilities, and KommerceServer, an advanced B2B/B2C ecommerce suite.

View From the Top by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Is it time for a new haircut? Looking back after a year of lockdowns, the large retailers and distributors were well-groomed and prepared for the pandemic, while the small-to-midsize companies were left a little shaggy but hopefully still recognizable. Read more.

Providing an AI-augmented data platform, powered by Apache Kylin, for analysts and data engineers to build and manage their data services—on-prem to multi-cloud—Kyligence enables a unified view of data across an organization.

Founded in 2014, LicenseFortress is dedicated to helping organizations understand and implement software licensing strategies so they avoid costly and time-consuming audits and fees resulting from violations of license agreements.

View From the Top by Michael Corey Co-founder

LicenseFortress is honored to be recognized by DBTA as an industry leader on the 2021 DBTA 100 list.

As an industry leader, we are proud of the changes the presence of LicenseFortress in the marketplace has helped orchestrate. Read more.

Powered by open source innovation, Liquibase provides database schema change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD—delivering the automation capabilities developers and technology executives need to remove database deployments as a barrier to application innovation.

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