DBTA 100 2022: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Splunk software and cloud services help organizations to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine-generated big data from a variety of sources to provide real-time operational intelligence and transform businesses.


SQream delivers peta-scale data analytics acceleration, empowering organizations to uncover critical business intelligence with unprecedented accuracy and minimal time to insight.

Starburst Data 

Starburst unlocks the value of distributed data by making it fast and easy to access, no matter where it lives, by querying data across any database, making it instantly actionable for data-driven organizations.


Founded on the vision of making data usable when it counts, Stardog provides an enterprise knowledge graph platform that helps organizations make better decisions by bringing real-world context to their data, incorporating new sources, and slicing data for multiple applications.


Swim delivers Swim Continuum, a platform for building, managing, and operating continuous intelligence applications on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge so users can monitor data streams, anticipate disruption, and respond to global changes in their industries.


A global provider of enterprise data management, Syniti helps clients manage their data journey—across data conversion, data quality, data archiving and replication, master data management, analytics, information governance, and data strategy.

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It seems not a moment passes without something that previously would be unprecedented feeling like the norm...Read more.


A provider of integration and data integrity solutions, Talend offers Talend Data Fabric, a platform that brings together data integration and governance capabilities to simplify every aspect of working with data.


With a cloud-native data mastering platform, Tamr delivers an alternative to traditional MDM tools by using machine learning to do the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse, and categorize data.


Teleport provides the Teleport Access Plane, which consolidates all aspects of infrastructure access into a single platform for software engineers and the applications they write, helping to reduce attack surface areas, cut operational overhead, enforce compliance, and improve productivity.


Teradata is a multi-cloud data warehouse platform provider that aims to solve the most complex data challenges at scale and to help businesses unlock value by turning data into their greatest asset.

TIBCO Software 

TIBCO Software unlocks the potential of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions with its Connected Intelligence Platform that seamlessly connects any application or data source; intelligently unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and predicts outcomes in real time and at scale.


Based on a distributed native graph database, TigerGraph’s technology supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications such as fraud detection, anti-money laundering, entity resolution, Customer360, recommendations, knowledge graphs, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT, and network analysis.


TimeXtender—along with its integrated data management platform—empowers customers with instant access to data, enabling them to make quality business decisions with data, mind, and heart because time matters.

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TimeXtender empowers you to build a modern data estate 10x faster by eliminating manual coding and complex tool stacks. Read more.


Vertica provides a unified analytics platform, based on a massively scalable architecture with a broad set of analytical functions spanning event and time series, pattern matching, geospatial, and end-to-end in-database machine learning.


VMware software powers complex digital infrastructures with the company’s cloud, app modernization, networking, security, and digital workspace offerings and helps customers deliver any application on any cloud across any device.


Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, which serves business-critical applications with SQL query flexibility, high performance, and cloud-native agility in order to allow enterprises to focus on business growth instead of complex data infrastructure management.


Enterprise DataOps software provider Zaloni offers the Arena platform, whose latest release accelerates digital transformation by extending cataloging capabilities beyond data to include assets such as AI/ML models, code repositories, API endpoints, and reports to reduce time to insight.

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