DBTA 100 2023: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Couchbase’s mission is to simplify how developers and architects develop, deploy, and consume modern applications wherever they are, leveraging a reimagined database with the fast, flexible, and affordable cloud database platform Capella, allowing organizations to quickly build applications that deliver premium experiences to their customers.


Founded by the original creators of Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and MLflow, Databricks—the data and AI company—delivers the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to unify data, analytics, and AI as part of its mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.


Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI, enabling data experts and domain experts to work together to build AI into their daily operations to design, develop, and deploy new AI capabilities, at all scales and in all industries.


DataKitchen offers a complete enterprise DataOps platform that enables organizations to implement and manage an end-to-end DataOps program using tools they already own and to deliver the kind of error-free, on-demand insight that leads to one successful business decision after another.


DataStax, the real-time data company, provides DataStax Astra DB, which combines the power of Apache Cassandra—a scalable database—with the advanced Apache Pulsar streaming technology in a unified stack delivered as a service on any cloud.


Datavail is a provider of data management, application development, analytics, and cloud services, with more than 1,200 professionals helping clients build and manage applications and data via its tech-enabled delivery platform and software solutions across all leading technologies.

DBI Software 

DBI Software is a provider of performance monitoring, tuning, and trending tools for IBM Db2 (LUW) and SQL Server databases, delivering invaluable results for organizations with the most demanding requirements.

View From the Top by Ousama Shamma CEO

DBI provides software solutions worldwide that help organizations achieve their database Performance objectives. Read more.

Dell Technologies 

Dell Technologies supports customers with a broad and innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era, allowing customers to realize the full potential of their data wherever it lives.


Delphix offers the Delphix DevOps Data Platform that automates data security while rapidly deploying test data to accelerate application releases, enabling customers to modernize applications, adopt multi-cloud, achieve CI/CD, and recover from downtime events, such as ransomware, faster.

Denodo Technologies 

Known for its data management, Denodo provides the Denodo Platform, a data integration, management, and delivery solution that uses a logical approach to enable self-service BI, advanced analytics, hybrid/multi-cloud integration, and enterprise data services.

View From the Top by Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

A Logical Approach to Data Integration and Data Management

Businesses are coming to terms with the fact that data is inherently distributed. Read more.


Dremio is the easy and open data lakehouse, providing self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility across all your data, eliminating data silos by enabling queries across data lakes, databases, and data warehouses, and simplifying data ingestion into the lakehouse.

Empolis Group 

Empolis is a leading supplier of cloud-based software in the domain of intelligent decision support solutions based on AI with its approach as the intelligent combination of knowledge and content management in standardized SaaS products, according to the motto “Decide. Right. Now.”

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Excellent customer service requires excellent service technicians. Read more.


Global database and IoT technology provider FairCom offers a product line comprised of solutions for high-speed transactions, IIoT environments, and legacy system modernization and migration, including FairCom DB, FairCom Edge for IoT and Industry 4.0 environments, and c-treeRTG data management solution for COBOL.


Fivetran automates data movement out of, into, and across cloud data platforms by automating the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process, from extracts to schema drift handling to transformations, so data engineers can focus on higher-impact projects.

Franz Inc. 

An innovator in AI and supplier of semantic graph database technology, Franz Inc. provides AllegroGraph, a horizontally scalable, high-performance, and transactional semantic graph database, as well as Allegro CL, which delivers a Lisp programming environment to create mission-critical applications that solve real-world problems.

View From the Top by Jans Aasman CEO

Delivering the Semantic Layer for your Data Lakehouse

The emerging Data Lakehouse approach is bringing the best of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes in one simple platform to co-locate data from across the enterprise for cost effective analytics and AI use cases. Read more.

Google Cloud 

Google Cloud helps drive business transformation for some of the world’s leading companies with a commitment to open source, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud that allows organizations to use their data and run apps in any environment.

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) 

With offerings spanning cloud services, compute, high-performance computing and AI, intelligent edge, software, and storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global edge-to-cloud company that helps organizations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all of their data, everywhere.

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