Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

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Rocket Software, Inc.
UniData 8.1—a MultiValue database platform that serves the needs of SMBs to enterprises and offers 64-bit file support, support for IPv6, security enhancements, and installation and upgrade improvements, as well as other enhancements

NunziatoProduct Spotlight by John Nunziato,  Product Manager, MultiValue DBMS & Application Servers

Rocket Software, Inc.

Rocket® UniData, an embeddable application development platform, is used by millions of people every day in Fortune 100 companies and numerous industries such as energy, automotive, higher education, and many others. UniData 8.1, the largest release in terms of enhanced features in the last ten years, enables organizations to better manage massive amounts of data by delivering fast response times and decreasing or eliminating database management tasks that waste time and money ... read on

Ryft Systems, Inc.
Ryft ONE—an open UI platform that delivers the speed, scalability, simplicity, and security required for real-time intelligence applications such as fraud prevention, cyber- security, social commerce, and bioinformatics

PatMcGarryProduct Spotlight by Pat McGarry, VP of Engineering

Ryft Systems

Security cameras, phones, machine sensors, cars, and televisions are just a few of the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that create massive volumes of data that can be mined and analyzed. Add to it the data created in the Industrial IoT at retail stores, manufacturing plants, financial institutions, oil and gas drilling platforms, pipelines, and processing plants, and it’s not hard to understand that the deluge of streaming and IoT sensor data can—and will—very quickly overwhelm today’s traditional data analytics tools ... read on.

SAP HANA SPS 10—this release of SAP’s in-memory database platform connects users with the Internet of Things at enterprise scale, manages big data more effectively, further extends high availability of data across the enterprise, and enables business to accelerate the development of applications with advanced analytics

SAS Institute
SAS Factory Miner—provides a web-based, automated-yet-customizable environment for building, comparing, and retraining predictive models at scale across multiple business segments in order to increase the predictive model building power and productivity of an analytics staff

SiSense, Inc.
SiSense 5.75—a business intelligence platform to provide organizations with a complete solution for big data aggregation, preparation, analytics, and visualization in the cloud

SnapLogic, Inc.
SnapLogic Elastic Integration Summer 2015—expands self-service, reuse, and enterprise governance by offering impact analysis and modeling, enhanced governance features, and new Snaps for better integration with other tools

Snowflake Computing, Inc.
Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse—a flexible and scalable data warehouse platform that utilizes the cloud, possesses multidimensional elasticity, handles different types of data, and performs at high scale

Software AG
Terracotta BigMemory—an in-memory data management solution for the enterprise, BigMemory grants access to a variety of data, snaps into enterprise apps to speed up access to data in-memory, and scales up or out into the cloud

SolarWinds, Inc.
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer—monitors the entire environment on premise, in the cloud, or as a service along with helping to quickly identify performance issues, eliminate database bottlenecks, and improve performance

Splice Machine, Inc.
Splice Machine—delivers a database solution that incorporates the scalability of Hadoop, the standard ANSI SQL and ACID transactions of an RDBMS, and the distributed computing power of HBase

Splunk, Inc.
Splunk Light—a comprehensive solution for small IT environments, automating log search and analysis, speeding up tactical troubleshooting, enabling powerful searches, dynamic dashboards and alerts, and reporting for real-time analysis

SQL Sentry, LLC
SQL Sentry Performance Advisor v9—monitors relevant metrics and provides insight into poorly performing SQL, blocks, deadlocks, and storage and I/O bottlenecks, as well as system resource usage

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