Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018

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DataStax Enterprise—built on a distribution of Apache Cassandra, provides a comprehensive data platform, including search, analytics, operations management, and developer tooling in a single unified platform to enable organizations to handle mixed workloads with the ability to
choose the right data model optimized for the use case

Datavail Delta—originally developed for SQL Server, is a centralized monitoring tool, issue repository and messaging infrastructure for users to access collected data with recently added support for MySQL and Oracle Databases

Datos IO
—elastic, scale-out software designed for multicloud, hyper-scale environments, enabling failure resiliency for data protection infrastructure and flexible recovery point objectives

DBI Software (Database Brothers, Inc.)
DBI Software pureFeat Performance Suite for IBM DB2 LUW—encompasses solutions for database performance analytics, tuning, and trending; response time analysis and SLA attainment; advanced lights-out alerting; and real-time monitoring

Scott Hayes,
President & Founder

DBI Software

Thank you, DBTA , for this distinctive honor, and for the opportunity to share a few words about what makes DBI Software’s pureFeat™ Performance Management suite for IBM DB2 LUW distinctively different. Read on.

Dell EMC
VMAX All Flash—powered by Intel Xeon processors, is built to take on modern data center challenges by enabling consolidation of open systems, mainframe, IBM i, and block and file storage; protecting mission-critical applications with 99.9999% availability; and simplifying planning and deployment with packaging designed for modular scale-up and scale-out flexibility.

Delphix Dynamic Data Platform
—an integrated platform that virtualizes, secures, and manages data on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid IT environments and can deliver self-service access to data users through personal, virtualized data environments that they can control with minimal impact to source systems

Denodo Technologies
Data Virtualization
—accelerates fast data strategies with data virtualization by delivering breakthrough performance in big data, logical data warehouses, and operational scenarios

Alberto Pan,

Data Virtualization

In today’s Fortune 500 companies, all business decisions need to be supported by data. Therefore, the big data revolution should have been a blessing: the ability to store almost unlimited amounts of data, coupled with increasingly sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools, were supposed to make data-driven decisions more widespread and powerful than ever. Read on.

Diamanti Container Converged Platform—Diamanti extends the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure for a containerized world with lightning fast installation, simple management, and bare-metal container network and storage resources integrated with Docker and Kubernetes

Jeff Chou,
CEO and Founder

Container Converged Platform

In 2014, the founders of Diamanti set out to operationalize the new enterprise application form factor: containers. Linux containers are taking off with developers, but moving the application from development on a laptop to production in the datacenter is a huge IT challenge that virtualization platforms are not designed to handle. Read on.

Domo—helping to manage, analyze, and share data across entire organizations, Domo enables decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities

Empolis Information Management
Empolis Smart Cloud—a platform as a service (PaaS) instantly available for professional information management in the cloud that allows users develop and operate applications and adapt them to customers’ working environment

Stefan Wess,


Cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things bear technologies which are changing user habits fundamentally. New markets, business models and business processes arise from them. This is the chance for companies to grow. Read on.

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