August 25, 2022

News Flashes

Cloudera, a hybrid data organization, is debuting its Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, an all-in-one data lakehouse SaaS, promising accelerated and accessible self-service analytics and exploratory data science on any data type. According to the company, CDP One delivers enterprise security and machine learning (ML) without requiring staff, resulting in lower TCO and reduced risk. CDP One is for customers who desire a low-code, self-service solution in conjunction with CDP One, which was not previously offered.

Cloudify, an open-source DevOps automation platform, is launching its version 6.4 release for the platform, further connecting applications to their cloud environments. The latest release brings to the forefront its simplistic strategies for aiding platform engineering teams convert their application and infrastructure resources into a self-service format with efficiency and speed. 

Push Technology, provider of real-time data streaming and messaging solutions for networks, is debuting improvements to Diffusion Cloud, the enterprise's intelligent event-data platform. Diffusion Cloud distributes real-time data so that developer teams can decrease traffic load on backend systems, increasing performance and mitigating infrastructure requirements. The most notable enhancements include a REST adapter and a boost in data monitoring within the platform.

Flexential, a provider of data center, colocation, cloud, and connectivity, is enhancing its FlexAnywhere hybrid IT solutions portfolio to maximize IT infrastructure scalability within organizations, as well as increasing business-wide adaptability for hybrid work environments. The updates coming to Flexential's Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) Advanced Access solution allow for accelerated migration of workloads, data, and applications in an industry that is becoming increasingly cloud-reliant.

MariaDB Corporation is announcing its recent acquisition of CubeWerx, adding features like cloud-native, scalable geospatial capabilities to its fully-managed cloud service, MariaDB SkySQl. The use of geospatial data intends to revolutionize scalable business capabilities for improvements to several areas of enterprise processes, including advanced content tailoring to end users.