August 31, 2023

News Flashes

Earthly Technologies, the company behind the open source developer tool Earthly, is releasing a free tier of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) build automation platform, Earthly Cloud. This new, free offering provides developers with 6,000 minutes per month of Earthly Cloud's consistent, fast continuous integration (CI) and remote build runners that are compatible with any CI system, according to the vendor.

Google announced it is expanding the Duet AI in Google Cloud preview with new capabilities, offering AI assistance across a wide range of Google Cloud products and services to serve more cloud users—spanning developers, operators, data practitioners, and cybersecurity professionals. Being a critical part of Google's overall AI effort, Duet AI is revolutionizing the way users work with Google Cloud, which helps customers boost their productivity, gain competitive advantages, and ultimately improve the bottom line, according to the company.

Lacework, the data-driven cloud security company, is announcing the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud, enabling customers to use the full Lacework platform—designed to offer data-driven protection from code to cloud from a single location—on Google Cloud.

UnifyCloud, a global ISV and cloud solutions provider focused, is providing an integration with Google Cloud to its CloudAtlas platform, now offering the CloudAtlas platform to partners focused on migrating infrastructure to Google Cloud. UnifyCloud has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, offering the CloudAtlas platform to help partners and clients efficiently assess infrastructure, applications, and databases for cloud readiness, options, effort, and cost with comprehensive, best-in-class analyses rapidly generated for Google Cloud.

Think About It

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate and has fundamentally changed the role of database administrators (DBAs). Traditionally, DBAs have been responsible for the installation, maintenance, and management of on-prem databases. However, in the age of cloud computing, DBAs are required to adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and tools.