October 26, 2023

News Flashes

CAST, the software intelligence leader, is debuting the fall release of CAST Highlight, featuring capabilities for faster, safer cloud migration, continuous optimization, expanded cloud service recommendations, and cloud native services for Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Databricks, the Data and AI company, is acquiring Arcion, a Databricks Ventures portfolio company that helps enterprises quickly and reliably replicate data across on-prem, cloud databases, and data platforms. According to the company, this move will enable Databricks to provide native solutions to ingest data from various databases and SaaS applications into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. The transaction is valued at over $100 million, inclusive of incentives.

Deep Instinct, the prevention-first cybersecurity company, is releasing Deep Instinct Prevention for Storage (DPS), applying a prevention-first approach to storage protection, wherever data is stored—Network Attached Storage (NAS), hybrid, or public cloud environments. The solution seamlessly integrates into existing environments to deliver unparalleled efficacy and accuracy along with enterprise-grade scalability, according to the company.

Immuta, a data security leader, is debuting a new integration with Data Fabric Security (DFS) on AWS, further expanding DFS' governance capabilities and data access control during data integration.

Think About It

According to Gartner, global spending on the public cloud is expected to increase by approximately 20.7% to reach $591.8 billion (about $1,800 per person in the U.S.) in 2023. The advantages of migrating to the cloud are widely recognized. By adopting cloud-first models, businesses can move away from traditional, fixed-cost methods of managing IT infrastructure. Cloud migration allows for controllable, agile, and secure operations that can easily scale as needed while optimizing costs.