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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
December 14, 2020

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: December 14, 2020. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

Dell Technologies is bringing intrinsic security to the forefront with new solutions and services that protect customers' data. By building security into its supply chain, services, infrastructure and devices, Dell aims to help customers lower risk and become more cyber-resilient. According to Dell Technologies, more than three-quarters of organizations prioritize supply chain security during vendor selection to address security threats such as counterfeit components, malware and firmware tampering. Dell Technologies is addressing these concerns with new supply chain security offerings and data security-focused services for Dell Technologies infrastructure and commercial PCs.

Global database technology company FairCom recently announced new versions and rebranding of its major products, which include data solutions for high-speed transactions, Industry 4.0 environments, and legacy system modernization. c-treeRTG V3 is the latest addition to the FairCom "Ready-To-Go" solution dedicated to modernization of core legacy business applications. With its data-centric approach, c-treeRTG modernizes the data management engine underneath without touching the COBOL code.

IBM Security has announced new technology initiatives leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), designed to help clients simplify and extend their security visibility across AWS and hybrid cloud environments. The projects include integrations with AWS security services, quick start deployment for key IBM Security technologies, as well as expert consulting and managed security services support.

Log-On Software has announced Log-On Wave for IBM Z, which simplifies the administration and operation of virtual Linux servers running on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. The result, the company says, is that IT organizations and service providers benefit from an intuitive graphical interface and intelligent functionality that improves productivity by simplifying administration, configuration and management and future-proofs operations by shielding complexity and enabling less experienced administrators to easily manage highly virtualized infrastructures.

Phoenix Software International has expanded its source code licensing agreement with IBM for IBM z/OS JES3. As part of the agreement, Phoenix Software International plans to build on their initial JES3 source code license to add additional components in the Bulk Data Transfer space. According to Phoenix Software, this enables it to bring to market a new set of product offerings, including derivative Bulk Data Transfer (BDT) components, File-to-File for JES2, JES3 and JES3plus environments and System Network Architecture (SNA) Network Job Entry (NJE) for JES3 and JES3plus environments, planned for 2021.

News From SHARE

Serving on the Board of Directors is rounding out my experience and appreciation of SHARE — as a vendor, sponsor, speaker, volunteer, founding member of its Women in IT Initiative, and now as Director of Industry Influence and chair of the Editorial Advisory Committee. In my first few months on the Board, I have learned a lot about the power and influence of our association.

Think About It

Due to the advent of client/server computing in the 1990s, then internet and web-connectivity driving development, and the more recent growth of NoSQL databases, we are now manag­ing more types of data on more platforms than we ever have before. And that means that managing data is a lot more complex. This also means that DBAs need to possess exper­tise in cross-platform management and administra­tion.