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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
June 11, 2013

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: June 11, 2013. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

At IBM Edge 2013 in Las Vegas, IBM announced enhancements across its systems portfolio. As part of the new offerings, IBM rolled out nine new Power Systems offerings, each providing advanced capabilities in big data analytics and cloud computing. the IBM i 25th Anniversary Edition.

Business intelligence and analytics vendor Yellowfin has released the latest version of its BI software, Yellowfin 6.3 with enhancements that focus on three key product areas: collaboration, usability and data visualization. A key new feature of the new release is "Timeline," which enables users to monitor and understand their relationship with BI content and relevant decision-makers. Timeline records users' specific activities and interactions within Yellowfin in real-time. According to Yellowfin, the result is a searchable, personalized, chronological catalog of the particular movements of, and anything related to, each individual user within Yellowfin.

Dell, Intel Corporation, and Revolution Analytics have announced the launch of the Big Data Innovation Center in Singapore. Merging the expertise of these three enterprises, the center provides extensive training programs, proof-of-concept capabilities and solution development support on big data and predictive analytic innovations for Asian markets.

DBTA and Tableau Present Webcast on Big Data Analytics - Wednesday, June 20

To help organizations make better decisions with big data, SAS has introduced SAS Decision Manager, which integrates predictive analytics, business rules, and data management. The announcement was made at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Amsterdam, a business conference presented by SAS.

JackBe has released its Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With Terracotta BigMemory (RTA Add-On), which bundles Terracotta's enterprise-grade BigMemory in-memory data management platform for high performance in-memory analytics. According to the vendors, this combination of in-memory and analytics allows Presto to mash big data with live and transactional enterprise data into actionable dashboards faster.

ParStream, a provider of real-time big data analytics technologies, has partnered with Panopticon, a visual data analysis software vendor, to offer a comprehensive solution focused on big data requirements of real-time analytics and advanced data visualization. The merging of Panopticon and ParStream technologies supports agile business intelligence operations relying on complex big data while requiring minimal, non-specialty hardware.

Think About It

What are the key factors in organizations' decisions to implement services via a private cloud versus a public cloud? According to a recent study of 262 data managers and professionals, most of whom are part of the IOUG, two out of three respondents point to the security and privacy concerns created by cloud. Thirty-seven percent also see advantages in terms of long-term costs over public clouds. Public cloud services may be cheaper up front since they only require monthly subscription or pay-by-use fees, but the long-term costs may exceed the initial investments in private cloud infrastructure.