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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
September 8, 2009

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: September 8, 2009. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

Continuent, Inc., a provider of solutions for backup, continuous data availability, advanced database replication and database performance scalability, has announced Continuent Tungsten version 1.1. Continuent Tungsten offers SMB customers an easy to manage, dynamic database replication solution with automatic cluster management, high availability and scalability for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases.

HP and Informatica have announced a new portfolio of integrated business intelligence solutions that combine Informatica's data integration capabilities with the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform as well as HP's business intelligence strategic consulting and implementation services. HP plans to sell these offerings through its Business Intelligence Solutions sales teams.

InterSystems Corporation, a global software company that provides products that enable fast development, deployment, and integration of enterprise-class applications, has announced multiple enhancements to its Ensemble rapid integration and development platform. Ensemble is used for application integration, the development of composite applications, and establishing enterprise service bus or SOA infrastructures. The new features extend Ensemble's ability to connect and orchestrate systems across the enterprise, provide additional services for development and testing of EDI/messaging applications, and improve message handling performance.

SpringSource, a Java application infrastructure and management software vendor, has introduced SpringSource Cloud Foundry, a new Enterprise Java Cloud offering that enables developers to deploy and manage Spring, Grails and Java applications within a public cloud environment.

Think About It

The data manager's job has never been easy, often presenting significant challenges, including data system rewrites, data security, regulatory compliance, and reporting.