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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
October 26, 2016

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Before the release of Informer 5.0, Entrinsik participated in the EDUCAUSE Conference to showcase new features of the anticipated platform. "We've traditionally to this point been marketing ourselves as a reporting solution, you can access data from multiple places and you can report off that data in multiple ways," said Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik. "With this new release we've evolved the product to be a data discovery solution, so not only can it pull data from multiple data sources, as it's pulling the data from those data sources Informer 5 allows you to cleanse and transform the data as it's streaming into Informer."

It can be easy for those of us who live and breathe MultiValue databases every day to forget the outside world exists. After all, we're all so busy juggling massive amounts of data and programming requests that we sometimes tune out other important factors that can affect how well IT organizations function. One of the main issues most commonly overlooked is disaster recovery, which is often treated with an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality as we deal with more pressing issues. In fact, high availability/disaster recovery should be a critical part of every MultiValue deployment.

Onsystex, Inc., a provider of application modernization tools for the MultiValue (sometimes called Pick systems) community, is expanding one of its platform with features designed to help enterprise CIO's meet mandates. "We have been an active participant in the MultiValue marketplace for over 25 years," said Tim Spells, CEO of Onsystex. "We have leveraged our knowledge of both the strengths and weaknesses of MultiValue technologies to create this powerful suite of tools and services."

Think About It

Cyberattacks happen. How can you recover quickly? If you are in IT management, everywhere you turn, you see warnings of malicious forces working diligently with the one aim of compromising your security and eating your data for lunch. It's not a question of if anymore but rather of when. Many times, the cybersecurity tools will not prevent the break-in, but only alert you of the compromise.