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Who to See @ COLLABORATE 18

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Every organization is unique. So is every Oracle user. Enter COLLABORATE 18: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community (April 22-26 in Las Vegas). Designed to serve the evolving educational needs of today's users, COLLABORATE offers 12,00 informative sessions and events carefully selected by volunteers, Oracle pros themselves, from a global call for content. While there's no "one-size-fits-all," there is something for everyone.

From April 22 to April 26, 2018, Oracle users from across the world will gather in Las Vegas to attend the largest, user-led, user-focused event where you can get the real story about Oracle products, while experiencing in-depth education and networking to take your Oracle products to the next level.

Everything around us today is an outcome of the Industrial Age. The 250-plus years of changes allow a toaster in every house, a car in every driveway, and a computer in every pocket. It's hard to imagine the amount of change that workers have gone through during this period. We are now on the journey through the Information Age, and it continues to change our world every day. The future is not written, but I know who will create it: Those that seek out the change.


Over the past decade, a vast sector of Oracle professionals and customers have come to understand that when they run Oracle Applications and database software on the platform of virtualized software known as vSphere, both the experience and results are profoundly improved. Certain notions have quickly evolved into well-known principles. These include the idea that all vSphere capabilities are complementary to all Oracle features, as well as the familiar refrain of "No Application Left Behind" which refers to the fact that when using modern versions of vSphere every application in existence becomes a candidate for virtualized infrastructure. Project Capstone solidified this claim by taking massively loaded database applications to heretofore unseen levels of performance by using an HP Superdome-X with IBM Flash array technology.