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IOUG E-Brief: Oracle Enterprise Manager
January 14, 2015

An information resource prepared by Database Trends and Applications Magazine and published in cooperation with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)


Join Oracle and IDC for the cloud platform online forum leading into two general sessions, and 17 additional breakout sessions focused on Cloud Platform Services.

Oracle has introduced its latest-generation NAS storage system, the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4. A plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager enables monitoring and provisioning at the share, LUN or project level for all Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance models for end-to-end management visibility across the enterprise. "We have plugged in our analytics into Oracle Enterprise Manager to allow you to have that comprehensive view," said Oracle executive vice president John Fowler during a recent webcast.

To help customers simplify management of complex IT environments, Oracle has extended Oracle Enterprise Manager capabilities to MySQL databases. With this new offering, customers can manage complex deployments of Oracle technologies that include MySQL, either on-premises or in a cloud. Existing users of Oracle Enterprise Manager can now easily add MySQL to their environments. Oracle has also unveiled new commercial extensions for MySQL Enterprise Edition, including new backup, auditing, and enterprise encryption capabilities.

A new Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) survey results outlines some of the critical issues facing organizations today when it comes to application performance.

The Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) feature in Oracle Database has been the standard used by DBAs to diagnose database performance problems.

The goal in every Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rollout is to take it from zero to manageability in the shortest time possible. This presentation will show you how to accomplish this feat.

The argument for everyone to have an AWR Warehouse as part of their IT Infrastructure seems like a simple one to me. We so often discuss its features, but rarely do we talk about why IT should take advantage of it, where the value is, or how simple it is to use.

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The manageability track at COLLABORATE 15 - IOUG Forum is designed to provide DBAs of every experience level and industry with the knowledge set to streamline IT management processes at their organization and accelerate their transformation to cloud.

It's early in 2015 and there's still time to make a new year's resolution to learn more about how Enterprise Manager 12c help as you plan your upcoming projects. The IOUG wants to help!

Oracle has announced an update to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12 Release 4. The update is now available on OTN.