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IOUG E-Brief: Oracle Enterprise Manager
March 10, 2014

An information resource prepared by Database Trends and Applications Magazine and published in cooperation with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)


Oracle announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 back in November 2013, which features new capabilities for managing Oracle Multitenant, an Oracle Database 12c enterprise edition option. The announcement was supported by a live webcast, titled "Delivering Pluggable Database as a Service." In this article, we provide answers to some of the common questions from the webcast.

About 50 lectures, workshops, expert sessions and quick-tips sessions featuring Enterprise Manager exclusively or significantly are scheduled for this year's COLLABORATE Conference. Also, two demo pods in the Oracle Demoground area feature Enterprise Manager, one in the Technology area and one in the Application area, enabling attendees to mix it up with folks from the Oracle Enterprise Manager product group.

With so much buzz happening around Cloud and its associated benefits, consolidating your database estate and infrastructure to take advantage of it only makes sense.

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Spring is approaching and what better time to focus on broadening your horizons? Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c continues to increase in usage across the customer base, which means that we all have more to learn from each other. If you join us at COLLABORATE 14-IOUG Forum, you can participate in-person in the 50+ sessions on using EM to help manage your environment, and talk to others to see what they are successfully implementing, where their challenges are, and what advice they have.

Join the IOUG to ask your questions about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to the user group and Oracle experts, provide feedback to the product team, share best practices and learn how can you participate in the ongoing Oracle Enterprise Manager Special Interest Group (SIG) activities.

Oracle Database Administrators have traditionally been challenged in analyzing performance across the infrastructure layers. It's not uncommon to have meetings with all the infrastructure owners to determine the source of the performance bottleneck. This impacts the business as performance might remain an issue until the infrastructure owners examine their respective areas of ownership.

IOUG's Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c SIG is hosting two special quick tip sessions at COLLABORATE 14-IOUG Forum.