Big Data Quarterly Magazine: Summer 2017 Issue


Summer 2017

2 editor’s note | Joyce Wells

Faster, Better, Smarter



Key news on big data product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions

6   Insights | Shaun Kirby

Securing IoT With Automated Connectivity Management: Lessons Learned From the Connected Car

9   Insights | Alberto Pan

In-Memory Parallel Processing and Data Virtualization Redefine Analytics Architectures

24   Trending Now
The Growth of Hybrid IT and What It Means: Q&A With Solar Winds’ Kong Yang

28   Insights | Roman Stanek

Getting Real Business Value From Artificial Intelligence

31   Trending Now
DevOps for Big Data:  Q&A With Pepperdata’s Ash Munshi


4   The Voice of Big Data
Securing the Modern Enterprise: Q&A With McAfee’s Steve Grobman

12   Cover Story | Joe McKendrick

Technologies and Skills That  Build the Foundation for Data Management

26   Big Data By the Numbers

DevOps and the Need for Speed


33   Hadoop Playbook | Jim Scott

Making the Most of the Cloud

34   Big Data Basics | Lindy Ryan

Overcoming Common Problems With Data Visualization

35  Cloud Currents | Michael Corey & Don Sullivan

Are the Public Clouds Too Big to Fail?

37   Governing Guidelines | Anne Buff

The Science of Data Governance Matter

38   The Iot insider | Bart Schouw

Never Mind Fake News, Fake Data Is Far Worse

39   Data Science Deep Dive | Bart Baesens

Improving the ROI of Big Data and Analytics

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